Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I wore to work

I actually wore this a few days ago to work (that's the good thing about call centres, the casual dress code means you can wear anything...except no thongs) something similar has been posted here on the blog before but oh well.

The details:
Denim Dress: Thrifted from Savers $6?
Balt: Thrifted from Camberwell Market $10
Leggings: Thrifted from Kinji Harajuku $7
White jelly shoes: Some shop on Takeshitta Dori in Harajuku $19
Necklace: Made by me
Cigarette broach: Shag (I think) in 2003

The cigarette broach looks just like a real lit cigarette. I forgot all about it for years and only just found it again the other day. As much as I hate smoking (having my beloved Nana die because of it) I like this broach, mainly because it fools people every single time. Honestly 3 people went to me "hey watch out there is a lit cigarette on you" or "you dropped something love" when I wore it to work, hilarious. You have to amuse yourself somehow at a boring job. At my old boring job (the one I had just before I went to Japan) me and my friend made Fridays prank days. Every week there was this man who would come around with a huge cart of lollies. I always bought Jaffa's (I love them, yum) Anyway we were at the $2 shop across the road on our lunch break and we saw a box of play dough in 5 colours so we bought it to play with at our desks (yes we were that bored). We realised we had the right colours to make Liquorice Allsorts just like the lolly man sold. We made them and they looked 100% perfect and then we put them into a left over lolly man bag and offered them to people. No one guessed at all that they were fake but as they were about to eat them we would go "ha ha they are play dough not liquorice ha ha". It's the sort of thing that I guess you have to be there for it to be funny but for us it was hilarious.

Photo of real liquorice allsorts.

Just a reminder about the Research for Runway fashion show. If any of you can come down that would be great as it is for a good cause (ovarian cancer) and are a few different parades so its going to be fun! Just send an RSVP email to:


  1. I love the outfit, the necklace is great!

  2. hahaha. The play dough thing sounds like fun. I might have to try that at school some day.

  3. Hey probs on the lack of comments. I've been pedal-to-the-medal which hasn't left me a great deal of time.

    My ciggie broach broke earlier in the year :( I bought it years ago from Shag and loved how people would think that I've left a burning cigg on my jacket lapel...hahahahaha.

  4. I love the denim dress on you, it looks really cute.

    Your brooch sounds fab and now you've got me craving jaffas and all sorts, yum! I so would have probably scoffed down one of your play dough ones if I'd been offered them :) How cool that you had prank days!

  5. DANG! Yeeeees sir, I believe you've spotted your mate Jack in the Minty photoshoot...the world just keeps on getting smaller.

  6. i love the idea of a burning cigarette brooch but I wish I could see it better! You should make a whole line of brooches that alarm people into thinking that something weird is stuck on you (ie: half sucked lollipop etc). That would be awesome!

  7. great outfit, love the shoes! I usually don't like jelly sandals but these ones look really cute

  8. What a perfect prank! The outfit is smokin. LOL. Also, there is an award for you on my blog today. Enjoy your long weekend.


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