Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Research for Runway

Hey guys, sorry for my absence the last few days, I've just been super crazy busy with no time to stop and think let alone blog. Basically I've just started a new cell centre job which is full time to help save for Japan (yikes how bad is the Aussie dollar?), and with my new commitments with Melbourne Street Fashion.com (taking daily street photos and conducting interviews which you all should go and read and look at right now!) and also family birthdays and meeting the lovely Porcelain Blonde for cakes on Saturday all leaving me too tired for the internet!

This Friday the 31st of October anyone in Melbourne should get down to the Research for Runway event which showcases Jaci Bailey's awesome designs and also some students from my new Uni The Whitehouse Institute of Design. I'll be there taking photos so it would be even better if you do come and you dress up (please no black, lol).

Runway for Research will be held at 5:30pm on the 31st of October at the ultra glam Georges department store on Collins Street. The event is helping to raise money and awareness about Ovarian Cancer, so its fashion for a good cause on Halloween (people in costume maybe?), what more could you ask for? Be there or be square. Send your RSVP to runwayforresearch@live.com and I look forward to seeing you there. Yay! I'm bringing my mum because she totally deserves a night out.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you were in my dream last night. Weird I know.

    I remember we were in a car yard looking at a big yellow car and you were going to paint your blog address on a tarp and hang it over the back window, and when you did we were driving along and people were just posing at the car waiting for you to take their photos. And you were like 'now thats how to save time'
    Thats all I remember haha but yeah.

    Yesss the shoes! I did see yours and I was relieved. Thankfully someone else thought they were great too and my stress for buying so many grew less. I think they're great!! I have a pair of each for myself too!
    I figured someone had to do it so I might as well give it a crack.
    Not all people are frugal shoppers like us so would have no idea and would be happy to pay the price.

    Yay for your bidding! I hope you win! Its my favorite item I think I've ever put up and I'm a bit nervous to see it go, haha but hopefully if you win I'll see it appear in a few photos and won't feel so bad haha.

    Have a lovely day.


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