Friday, October 24, 2008

Jenny Kee for Target home

I know she isn't to everyone's tastes but I just love Jenny Kee. I find her crazy amazing life so inspiring, and while some of her prints are a bit too out there for me I do appreciate that she sticks to her own aesthetic and ideas and just goes for it.

For those of you who don't know who she is, she is one of Australia's top designers and artists, the height of her fame being the 60's - 70's - 80's. Her work is inspired by the Australian landscape. Her father was Chinese and her mother Anglo so she experienced some racism growing up in the 50's in Australia, but she didn't let it get to her, instead she attracted even more attention to herself with her colourful bright crazy clothes. She was part of the whole 1960's exodus of hip Aussies to London and famously posed nude on the cover of the controversial political/art magazine OZ.

In the 80's her clothes became really popular, above you can see one of her designs.

I really want to get this book (available at Target) about her life. I really want to know more about her amazing life. I love biography's about amazing women, they really inspire me to do more, create more, live more.

Anyway Jenny Kee has a new home wares range at Target Australia. Part of the "designers for Target" range. It's her 1st extensive range of home wares and Targets 1st celebrity designer to come out with a range of home goods. It probably isn't to everyone's tastes but I love the Opal range.

I love the bold colours on white, the kinda tacky Aussie-ness of the opal. It's sorta Romance Was Born but for the home...

This is the Mali collection, which is probably more easy on the eye. I do like this pattern, but if I am buying Jenny Kee I want crazy colour and pattern, not something so subdued.

Which is why I'm going to buy this vase. Its only $39.99 and its HUGE.

When I finally get a hall way table it will sit on it and welcome all the visitors to my home. What do you think? Is Jenny Kee to your taste?

I think I'll get her book too while I'm there. It's kinda funny how this all got released just as I have been thinking about her recently, and I had a few ideas for a shop in Japan selling Aussie crazy 80's tacky stuff, I think it would be really popular. Please don't steal my idea, lol, but its not like I can do it for a few years anyway.


  1. really like the crazy colourful prints too!! the vase is really cool too, you should def get it :>

  2. Did you see Better Homes & Gardens tonight? They went to her house and interviewed her and showed a lot of cool things. I love that vase!

  3. I do love Jenny Kee - and you're so right about the Romance Was Born vibe too! I really want to check out this range and see if I can scoop anything up for my future abode, meanwhile you should definitely get that vase - it looks really rad!

  4. You've got great taste Miss Hayley.

    I love that Target are doing these ranges. $40 is a great price for any lamp, let alone a designer one.

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. Ohhh I love Jenny too and I've been wanting that book since if first came out!

    I had no idea this range was out...thanks! I may just have to have a look at this today if I can fit it in :)

  6. Personally I'm not that into Jenny Kee. I think my mother wore too many of her jumpers when I was growing up and it coloured my impression somewhat. However, she is a fantastic designer and a very brave women. I love your idea about the Aussie 80's store in Japan. I think you could make a mint with that. But you have to strike while the iron (or the trend for 80's) is hot.

  7. THIS IS AMAZING. Why hasn't this been advertised? I adore her.

  8. I'm not a big fan of her actual designs, but I certainly admire the womans talent. It might be worth picking some of these items up, I suppose it will all depend on the quality.
    Nice to see your keeping things up!

  9. Thanks for showing people in other counrties who might not know about her and how she influenced Australia (and other places apparently). She seems real cool. I think I'm definitely getting what you mean by the "80's tacky Aussie" vibe. We talked about it before. I think it could do well in Tokyo..Good luck on that! And that vace is pretty cool..but I bet the book is really interesting too!

  10. haha i like your idea for the tacky 80's thing for your shop! I'd love to see that!
    I think that tacky jenny kee print would look okay but not all together in one room...I'm loving the vase though.

  11. I'm not partial to her designs for Target but this woman has spunk! I also want to read her book, it sounded like she had such a wonderful and definitely colourful life.

  12. Hi Hayley,
    I'm a Japanese, and came here to steal your idea...^^ No, it's just a joke. My personal opinion is almost same as Super Kawaii Mama's. I have not especially heard about her name in Tokyo, but my mom also wore some knits had such a pattern and colored. (she was not Osaka-no-Okan. but seriously, she wore crazy colored clothes.) I think, her design passed Tokyo too, via London cultural heat in the 70-80's. In the same age, Harajyuku seemed to be colored with pastel colors only though.

    Anyway, I think your idea is real great idea! 'bringing something that doesn't exist here now' is perhaps most important point, if you do some business in Japan. The vase is not my taste, sorry. But I like this.
    Whmmm, Pink might be important key color, for a Japanese. Ganbatte ne!

  13. in the 80s i loved jenny kee's knit wear and now i love jenny kee's opal range. so much i bought red leather sofas to go with it.....but my cat knocked over and broke the vase.....where oh where can i get another one??? trud


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