Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recreate08 outfit

This is what I wore to the Recreate08 fashion event tonight. It was a little crazy I guess, but definitely not the craziest outfit there. There will be an article about the show up at Melbourne Street Fashion.com in the next few days so watch out for that. All I can say now is that is was amazing, the students work was really inspiring.

The details
Dress: Bought at Studio Girl on Swanston Street for $20 today (oops more shopping...I'm so bad)
Belt: Thrifted from Camberwell market $10
Leggings: Cotton On $10
Black Oxfords: Dimmeys & Forges $9
Gold necklace: Bought today at Arthur Daileys on Swanston Street for $1
Blue clip on earrings: I thought I lost them during fashion week due to extreme drunkenness, but I found them behind my dressing table! Yay!!!

Oh and guess who was the host of tonights show?

Ita Buttrose was the host of the night. Ita is like the Anna Wintour of Australia I guess..Our most famous Magazine Editor. She was an amazing speaker, very entertaining and it was amazing to even be in the same room as her.


  1. You look fabulous, Hayley! :) I really admire your style - you're not afraid to take risks and stand out, and it always pays off - you always look nothing short of amazing.

  2. "Buttrose" *heeheehee!* sry I'm having a burst of immaturity.

    Maybe she pronounces it "Bew-trose"
    * ; )

    <3 yer tie-dye!

  3. Looking gorgeous again.

    Isn't always the way. When you put a shopping ban on you always find things you want to buy.

    I guess it helps though if you actually stop looking. :P

    I'm glad you had a good night. x

  4. I love your dress, it goes so well with your leggings! You look sensational.

    And Ita is such a legend, I love that woman!

  5. OMG! I want that dress. did they have any other colours and do you think it would fit me.

  6. yay! the gold leggings made it out of the building - they look fabulous!

  7. looked even better in person might i say! (haha, i'm not stalking you, just a dedicated fan)

    Recreate was awesome hey. i loved the collection with the prams etc. as backpacks and the exaggerated shoulders

  8. i love the turqoise with the black and gold, it looks awesome!

    oh i saw you in flinders lane/degraves on sunday.... but i was running to buy cupcakes from little cupcakes and i am super shy about saying hi... hehe

  9. being crazy pays off! i love the turquoise and gold combo.

  10. wow! i love the gold leggings:D i don't think i could get enough courage to wear it hehe but looks pretty cool!


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