Monday, October 13, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion DAILY

Ok just letting you all know that there will now be DAILY shots up at Melbourne Street and you can see the first bunch up there right now. Yay for my hard work! To help me out Melbourne people please dress up even if its a super hot day fashion is still important and it makes my job much easier. Thanks so much. Oh and no black. Lolz.

The Facehunter is coming to Melbourne soon too (around the 28th of October) so Melbourne people you better dress to impress ok? We need people to come to realise this city is a fashionable city and can compete with the likes of New York and London.


  1. omg facehunter! is he going anywhere else or just melbourne?
    looking at the pics now :)

  2. oh wow facehunter is coming? :O congrats on all your succes with MSF. oh and i'm so loving your shop fashion hayley.!!

  3. I hardly ever get into the city but I might have to now just to see if I can find you and force you to snap me. In all black. Out of spite.


  4. You tell 'em Hayley!
    If anyone knows our streets better than anyone it's you as your out there treading them everyday. I won't be in town on the28th- damn!!
    Sorry I haven't commented much lately, I'm travelling so it's quite hard to blog everyday let alone comment/read emails!
    Nice to see your still rocking it in Melbs though.
    Much love, LM

  5. I love that comment - "Oh and no black. Lolz"! Lord knows, we don't need any more black round the Antipodes. The public servants in Wellington can't get enough of black and sensible shoes. Been a big fan of your blog for ages, Fashion Hayley! So I've linked to your blog from mine Hope you don't mind but shout out if you do! this isn't a shameless plug, i promise!

  6. Oh! Facehunter! Jealous! You'd never catch in Facehunter in Perth. I was just back there for a visit and all I saw were legging as pants (on THREE girl in one of the more upmarket shoe stores no less!), ugg boots or thongs, bad eyeliner and even worse hair styles. I'd be embarrassed!

    You know, everyday when I was back in Perth and working out what to wear (I was so excited to be out of the Bangkok heat and actually LAYER clothing) I'd think, "would Hayley photograph me in this?". Tehehe I'm such a dork.

  7. ooo i'd love to be photographed by you or facehunter hahaha.. better start being creative! no black? hahah love your work hayley~


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