Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hallway love

I bought the new issue of Home Beautiful magazine today, mainly because of 1 picture of my almost dream entrance hallway. I hardly every buy this magazine, I buy it maybe once a year, but this issue really impressed me.

I love this picture because I already have 1 part of the set up, the tree hat stand, only mine is white...and a fake that I bought on ebay Australia from Tokyo with the bidding ending while I was on the plane coming home, so I had my mum checking on it for me and somehow she bought 2 of them (the seller had 5 or so as they had used them for a shop display, they were just made by their carpenter) so that was hard to explain to the seller, that I only wanted the 1 thank you as there was a mix up, lol, but at that stage my mum was new to ebay, now she is a pro at it buying all our Christmas and Birthday presents. Anyway I think maybe we can do something like this, I just need the hallway stand in red or white and more artwork for the wall.

My mum said I could have a small cupboard thing she has that she doesn't use anymore which kinda looks like the one in this pic only it's red (tick) and maybe a bit bigger, plus its free so double tick!!! I'm yet to see it in person so I'll have to wait and see because I kinda think the space will work better with a longer cupboard or table like in the Home Beautiful magazine picture. I'm desperate to get out to her house asap (not just for the cupboard, for a visit as well) but I've been super busy recently.

As I just said, I'm really super busy right now with Melbourne Street, with the daily photos and other things that are slowly coming into effect taking up all of my time, so bare with me for a while with my irregular posting here.

Oh I just joined bloglovin and you can now follow my blog with them, Yay I guess.


  1. I love the tree hat stand story - my mother used to accidentally buy two of everything as well on ebay. She couldn't work out the bidding/watching thing. I think your hallway would look great like that.

  2. perhpas you can also put some retro mirros up too. oh and why not display some of your awesomest photos?

  3. mmm i'm sort of starting to get interested in homeware and design. i really like that sidetable!

  4. i love that tree hat stand, i wonder if they have something similar in ikea. a black one would be nice!

    hope the red little cupboard looks great!

  5. Very nice. You should check out an architecture mag/journal called JA (Japan Architect) for some ideas to! It has some world class architecture in it.


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