Thursday, October 23, 2008

I seem to have a computer virus (not)

It seems that all of my old photos and files have now disappeared, and we can't find them. I'm talking about the first photos from this blog (not the Japan one, all those photos are safe on cd) So all the photos of Hachiko as a puppy and us walking him for the first time, my friend Sakiko visiting from Japan, New Years eve, Birthdays from last year, all of that is gone gone gone! I don't know what to do, I guess this is why you are meant to back up everything, but geez this sucks. Does anyone know a computer doctor who is cheap and can restore data?

EDIT> Omg we are so stupid. We have spent the last few hours searching for those old photos and files on my computer, doing virus scans that take hours and all came up with nothing when I remembered I didn't even buy this computer until April. All those photos are on Henry's computer. Oh how stupid.

Have you ever done something so dumb?


  1. haha! lately, yes, all the time.

  2. *hahaha!* All the time, girl. Especially at work, and especially computer-related.
    I'm glad your stuff's okay!

  3. You're a silly sausage Miss Hayley. Im glad everything is safe and secure. x

  4. Ohhhh Hayley *wipes tears from eyes* That is SO something that I would do. I once ran around my high school in a panic looking for my schoolbag before someone kindly pointed out it was on my back. I'm glad to hear that you haven't lost any of your photos.

  5. I'm so so sorry but this entry just made me LAUGH out loud. I KNOW I have done even sillier things than this before -- but I can't remember a single one; obviously they were SO traumatically silly I've just wiped them from my memory?

    Or maybe I never had them in this memory and they're in someone elses!!

    Teeheheheheeee sorry!!

  6. hahah i can relate to robyn's story! i'll be looking for my watch or something and then realise i'm wearing it...

    i would have been majorly scared if i thought i lost all the photos on my comp too. Good thing you remembered where they were.

  7. hahaha omg hayley this is LMAO!!!
    had a good laugh!

    how are you?
    i'm like too busy to blog and have no internet at the moment! bla!

  8. HILARIOUS!!!!
    I do stupid stuff all the time. My mom is always telling me that one day I will leave myself in the street (?!) so I can certainly relate!


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