Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alpha60 Sale

Yesterday me and Henry headed down to the Alpha60 sale in Fitzroy. We had heard rumours of amazing bargains and being the cheapo pov students that we are we couldn't pass up an opportunity to buy some of our favourite designer's pieces for less than retail.

I bought an amazing paint splattered silk dress that I tried on with my friend Kia who was down from Sydney a few weeks ago...back then it was on sale for $120 down from $198 but I couldn't justify it at that price. So I was so excited when they had the dress of my dreams at the sale for only $70.

I was taking street photos today, hence the camera around my neck. Be sure to check them out DAILY at Melbourne Street lol I'm like a broken record but really I'm working hard and I want people to see the photos and comment on them.
The details of the outfit:
Dress: Alpha60 sale $70 It is so soft and silky, I love it. It's my first item by an Australian Designer...isn't that crazy? I'm so cheap when it comes to clothes though so its no surprise really, I love a bargain and never ever pay full price for anything!
Belt: Thrifted from Camberwell Market $10
Leggings: Thrifted from Kinji Harajuku $7
Studded sandals: BigW $19
Studded leather scarf: Thrifted from Savers $4

Henry bought the t-shirt for only $20.

And the Sunglasses for only $2...I hate his beard by the way.

He bought the shoes (at my request as I love them) at Payless shoes for $24 about 2 weeks ago. I think they are so cool for that price.

Oh and guess who I saw on the street today.

Lui from Project Runway! Woah now I have met 3 people from the show. Lui was so nice, just like he is on the show, a little shy but uber cool and calm.

Here is Petrova at her shop Lady from her Spring collection party that I went to. She was so nice in person and recognised me from my blog. Yay!

And the 1st person from Project Runway that I met, Oren.

***EDIT*** Just to let you know the Alpha60 sale was located at the Alice Euphemia store on Gertude Street, Fitzroy, and as far as I know its over now. Sorry I didn't let you all know before it ended. Major opps.


  1. ooo thanks for the heads up on the alpha sale! my boyfriend and i are in that store so much i think alex is sick of the sight us. was it a good sale or just so-so? i might pop in tomorrow and also check out payless for those shoes. been looking for a pair of canvas ones for a while - cheers!

  2. P.S
    oooo i can't stand petrova. that dress is all sorts of spring carnival wrong.

  3. Great dress, and excellent bargain scoring!

    I saw an amazing leather scarf (like yours but really big) at a garage sale yesterday and the girl wanted $20 for it. I couldn't bring myself to pay the money because I thought of yours and knew you only paid Savers price for it!

  4. I never watched Project Runway, but Lady is one of my favourite shops in Melbourne! I love going to the french crepes places across the shop and then browsing through the lovely goodies inside.... I didn't know that Petrova owned that shop... how cool! No wonder I was seeing a bunch of people taking photos of the outside of the shop last time!

  5. i'm kinda upset because i knew about it and didn't go. i thought it would all still be too exp for me haha sigh! ohwell. yay for the dress and Henry's finds :D the tee is so what i would'v bought even in mens.
    lv the melb street fashion pics x

  6. does lui work at assin?

  7. Oh you scored some awesome bargains - I love your dress, you look fantastic in it. And your leather scarf is so unique too!

  8. What a great dress!!
    It reminds me of a time in primary school when it was coming up to mothers day and the project was to make marbled silk scarves for our mums. Most of them turned out to be browny green mush because we all put in too many colours, but my mum still wore hers, bless her heart.
    Anyway great dress, I'm very jealous. They did well not making it poo coloured like my poor mums scarf.

    Surprisingly I don't actually think I've commented you before, I backtracked through your blogs last night and loved reading your blogs.


  9. Great dress! The print and the fabric looks amazing :)

  10. apparently the alice sale ends sat was on some website.

    anyway, awesome dress and i love henry's sunnies!

  11. Lui!! I love him (especially his onion reference). So many fashionable people in Melbourne!

  12. omgosh!!! lui!!! love him and his design...

  13. Love your sandals and glasses.

    Between your header's awesome.

  14. Love, love, love the fabric of that dress - so gorgeous and silky!!

    The quirky tshirt is a great buy too!

    I've just discovered your blog and love it and your puppy is very, very cute too.

  15. fantastic tunic. what a great find at such a fantastic price. and nice work on picking the shoes for the boy. they were the first things i noticed in his outfit!

  16. great dress! henry's sunnies are fantastic. where did you get them?

  17. great dress, great colors, and am running to payless to get the man those shoes. cuute.

  18. So you're basically famous. haha. Just kidding...but seriously, that's so cool. What was Louie doing? Just walking around? He has cool style. You're lucky to have met them!

  19. Thats so mad that you got got the dress!! I LOVE IT! I am also supremely jealous that I missed the sale...but we have Alphaville here in Sydney now, so as soon as I get some dosh they better watch out! I have some cool test shots to send you, so please remind me :)
    I also like henry's specs alot. I want them. You guys should donate them too me. Is his beard slightly ginger? xx


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