Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reminder: Spring Fashion Week PARTY

Hey all you Melbourne Fashion Bloggers, just a reminder about my Spring Fashion Week Party.

Date: Sunday 14th September

Where: My city apartment (email me for the address at lippierced1 at hotmail dot com)

Time: 1:00

Bring: Your camera and a plate of food.

Activities: Spring themed photo shoot, a style the dressmakers dummy competition (bring some clothes and accessories for this) pin the pussy bow on the blouse (similar to pin the tail on the donkey) and some karaoke! There will be prizes!

Wear: Your interpretation of the key trends for Spring!

I have ordered the flowers, and started to make the decorations, I am really excited about it.

(photos from my party inspiration files)

I look forward to meeting all of you. If you want to come just email me.

Talking about meeting bloggers, today I bumped into Porcelain Blonde at Sportsgirl (honestly I am not always there, just today I had a few hours to kill in the city) She is so nice and well dressed, I felt embarrassed because I was in my cheap Savers clothes and here she is in her Ralph Lauren jacket. I always worry that I come across as rude and grumpy (I've been told that I do in the past), I'm just shy that's all, honestly, plus I was having a bad hair day! It was weird though, because as I saw her I got recognised by 2 of the shop staff at Sportsgirl as Fashion Hayley the street photographer so all at once I was recognised by 3 people....I guess now I know how Lyndsay Lohan feels hey? Lol.

Oh and some of my photos from the Runway at Spring Fashion Week are up at Melbourne Street Fashion.com There will be some street photos from the events coming soon (not many though, most people were wearing surprise, surprise, black!) Plus some really cool stuff from the RMIT graduate show. Yay!!!

I think my "live" links list is broken, I seem to miss out on posts and not check blogs for days and then I check them and they have posted but my live links list doesn't show it. Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. My blogroll goes through phases of doing that - and some people's don't show up for an extra 12 hours after they've posted. My blog is on US time, I've never bothered to change it, I wonder if it's somehting to do with that?

    I wish I could come to your party!

  2. Just saying hello from New Mexico, USA! Just found your blog and really enjoy it! I wish I could make it to your party!
    * : )

  3. It was such a bugger that FD was last weekend otherwise I would have been able to attend. Maybe next fashion week!

  4. yay you're famous!! :D

    & yeah the live blog thingy doesn't always work on mine too.. :S

  5. So funny! There you are feeling underdressed and worried you're coming across grumpy while I was debating whether or not to go up to you because I was feeling all conservative and intimidated by how stylish you are!

    So I was rapt that you were so friendly. And I have to say, you have the best skin ever. Gorgeous!

    Oh, and I was only in Sportsgirl in the first place because I'd read your earlier post about it and I wanted to check it out! So Sportsgirl, you really should give Hayley some shopping vouchers or something...

  6. Oh your fashion week bloggers party sounds like so much fun! If I was able to come I'd totally invite myself *^_^*

    Maybe next time!!


  7. Ohh boo I've got a family thing on that day :C my presence is unfortunately required but I hope everyone has a terrific time and takes loads of photos!

  8. I wish I could run into you and PB in the Sportsgirl...although I'd probably go and hide in embarrassment because I wouldn't be that well dressed.

    And YAY about the party...I'm so excited :D I have a new chain-store-bought outfit that I haven't worn yet saved specially...is that sad?

  9. Hello chicken, thanks for the reminder!

  10. Your party looks like it will be wonderful. I can’t wait to hear and see what went on next week. It’s too bad I can’t make it; it would have been nice to meet new people (having just moved here)

  11. Yay, I'm so excited (and of course a little nervous – we are all shy, I know!) and have my outfit planned..!

  12. aw i want to go! i just want to meet everyone and see your lovely apartment!! ill have to see though.. btw i just noticed that you had linked me too! im ever so happy! quite cool to be on your blog! xD


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