Saturday, September 13, 2008

Party Preperation

I've been too busy to blog (or reply to emails, sorry) for the last few days because of Uni essays, editing photos for Melbourne Street from Spring Fashion Week (ahhh taking forever!) and preparing for the party tomorrow at my place.

Silly me though, when Chain Store Whore , and now Esme from Esme and the lane way said they had planned her outfits already I was like, shit I have forgotten the most important part. So yesterday I went out shopping with my mum (well my mum famously hates shopping so we went to the movies first and then I dragged her to just 2 shops before she was sick of it) and I tried to find a dress for the party, but to no avail. I did find these cheap as chips studded gladiator sandals at Big W for only $19 so now I have the shoes but no dress.

So today I am going shopping for a dress and I need to get a few last minute things for the party and then get home to bake and clean up a bit more! Yikes so busy.

I guess I'll be seeing some of you tomorrow, yay, can't wait. Don't forget to bring a plate of food.

Oh I just realised I don't have champagne glasses, only wine glasses, I hope that drinking champagne out of wine glasses is ok with everyone? Lol, we have no room for both types of glasses.


  1. I'd drink champagne out of a plastic cup if I could come to your party. I feel the need for some Sydney blogging love!

    I love those shoes - can't wait to see the dress you come up with to match them.

  2. i haven't planned my outfit- cries! i'm just as forgetful as you. heh heh
    cya tomorrow

  3. Hey just got your comment. I'll try to come tomorrow. Thanks for the invite. I just got to work out what to wear.

  4. ...maybe I better walk to the train station :)

  5. Ooh, your shoes are delightful!


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