Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking News

Myer Bourke Street is on fire!!! I was just there walking past and there were loads of fire trucks and police blocking off the entrance. Sportsgirl had locked it's doors with customers inside at 4:00, but all the other stores were open as per usual, including David Jones next door??? So strange. I didn't have my camera on me for the 1st time in months and look what happens!!! I'm going to go back down and take some photos...this is BIG news for Melbourne. (Myer is a national treasure almost, the Bourke Street store is iconic and heritage listed I believe, and is our most popular Department store, but mind you we only have 2 in Australia)

More to come, maybe.

Ok no more to come, I just got over excited, the fire is under control now. It started in the lift shaft on the floor they are currently renovating. This happened all the time at Melbou8rne Central when it was being renovated too. What is with these builders?


  1. What high drama! It sounds as though they have it under control now, and it was in a lift shaft up in the bits of the store which are closed for renovation.

    Amazing to think of there being 3000 people in there at any given time!

  2. Yeah Skye, I think I got over excited by the drama of it, it's all fine now I think.

  3. woah, you got me all excited in the first paragraph of your post. but i'm glad nothing major happened.

  4. LOL....I read this then sat thru the 5pm news and now the 6pm and nadda - I still love the drama of it!

  5. You absolutely terrified me for a moment. I'm glad Myer is okay. Oh the panic!!


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