Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway Australia

Guess who I had dinner with tonight? Oren Nuri from Project Runway Australia!!!

It was so crazy. I was at this fashion event at the uber hip boutique Alice Euphemia for the launch of Romance was Born's Spring/Summer 09 collection taking photos for Melbourne Street I love Romance was Born, they totally remind me of Mercibeaucoup my favourite Japanese label. Well I took a photo of Anna Plunkett who is the designer for the label, the other designer Luke Sales was also there but our other photographer took a photo of him. Anyway the party was amazing, I didn't think the night could get any better, but it did of course! Walking to dinner after the opening me and my sister stopped into EB Games to play some playstation games (I have no idea why we did that btw, I hate games) anyway from the corner of my eye I see Oren walk past, so I'm like to my sister "Oh my god that guy from Project Runway just walked past" and she was like "Huh, but I just killed that monster...but Oh my god lets go" so we ran after him and stopped him at the traffic lights. My sister got there 1st so she goes "Hey are you from project runway?" and he is like "yeah...why" so my sister tells him that I work for Melbourne Street and can she take your photo. He is so nice about it. Anyway we got to talking and it seems that he is down from Sydney and trying to find some good cheap Asian food in the city, so seeing as that's where we are heading we take him there. Turns out even though the show was filmed in Melbourne he never got the chance to explore the city before because they were in lock down during the shoot. Anyway we end up hanging out for a while and he tells us all the secret going ons of the show, which sorry, are secret, but woah there is so much you don't know from just watching. It was so much fun and hopefully we will see him again, he wants me to meet Lui. Yay! I love Lui.

Photos from the party:

Hello woollen necklace I love you and one day you will be mine xoxo

Photos of the amazing street style at the event will be on Melbourne Street any minute now. Check it out!

This was my 2nd Project Runway experience in as many days by the way. Yesterday I had a tour of the Whitehouse Institute of Design (where they film the show and where I will be studying next year hopefully) and I got to see the Project Runway sewing room, Tresume Hair Salon, Loreal Make up room and the Myer Accessories wall. So exciting. I love the facilities at the campus, it is amazing. I'm not just excited because of the Project Runway thing either, I have wanted to go to this Uni for a long time but it only just became non full fee paying so I can finally afford to be able to go. Yay.


  1. That sounds like a totally fun night. I love Romance Was Born too - but the proportions are weirdly gigantic on me (and not in the right way), which is unusual for me.

  2. wow, sounds like you had the best night out! RWB=love you're going to whitehouse? sounds like things are falling into place for you.

  3. ooooh lui! i loved him. and romance was born = droooooool.

  4. What the hell just happened I typed a big long comment and then it dissapeared?!!

    Ahhhh anyway... I was saying how my Mum was absolutely in love with Oren and was shattered when he was out so early in the series. PR was our little Monday night ritual I don't know what we're going to do now it's over! I can't believe you ended up going out for dinner with Oren that's so bizarre and awesome!
    Also since you're going to be studying at the Whitehouse how exciting!!!
    Everything's coming up Hayley!

  5. I don't understand Melbourne Street Fashion. It says the last entry was September 1 and the entry before that was July 23. Where are all your photos?

  6. Hey Anonymous. The photos get uploaded irregularly at the moment yeah, we are working on that it is a known issue. I have sent all my photos so I am waiting for the editor to upload them, hopefully some will go up tonight? As soon as they go up I'll post a message on here. The reason for hardly any street photos recently is due to Spring Fashion Week, that was our focus. But I have taken some and they will go up ASAP I promise.

  7. NO WAY! You met sexy Oren? Jealous!
    Lui was my favourite, I really hope you do meet him and tell us the goss :D

  8. I watched the US version which is why I got so excited for the Aus version but my mum had never seen it before. She didn’t really seem to care when we saw the first episode but by the end she was hooked! I got my piercing basically the day I finished year 12 back in 2002. Wow almost six years ago! I’ve been very fortunate that almost all my jobs let me wear it. I really forget it’s there most of the time. Thanks!

  9. Oh my God! I am so jealous. That is such a cool story :D


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