Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fashion Hayley has a shop now

I just discovered Red Bubble and I think it is better than Etsy for my work because they do all the printing and posting, I just have to upload the photos of my artworks and then anyone can buy them, how easy is that?

Please visit the Fashion Hayley Shop and tell me what you think. Has anyone heard of this site? I think the idea is really good but I'm not really sure if anyone uses this site.

I'm just doing this for a bit of fun to see what happens. I need to find all of my good photos and artworks so it will slowly grow over time.

I am thinking about what t-shirt designs to do too (the t-shirts are all printed on American Apparel tees, how cool is that!) Would anyone wear a Tokyo street fashion t-shirt? Or a Hello Hayley one? (Pictured below is my character Hello Hayley from an art project I did a few years ago)

UPDATE: My first t-shirt design!


  1. never heard of the site but it looks cool. I've never seen any of your art before! the sakura is sooo pretty. can't wait to see more.
    i'll send you more info on the 'a day in the life of a street style photographer' later.

  2. I'm loving you with black hair. :)

    Will go and check out the site. Sounds good. x

  3. I am concerned about you putting the people you photographed for a blog on a t-shirt. They let you take their photo for your site, not so people could walk around wearing them.

    I would be mortified if I saw myself on a t-shirt, especially if I hadn't been notified.

  4. Oh this looks like a cool project.. I'm noticing a lot of bloggers are getting into selling their printed work too!

    && 've tagged you!! the deets are on my blog ;)

  5. Miss M. I do see your point but I own the rights to the photos, it is no different to them being published in a magazine or on a billboard or something, they were my models.
    I used to make keyrings of the street photos I took and sold them when I was at art school, now its t-shirts.
    But yeah if they have a problem with it I will take it down, but I really doubt anyone would even buy a t-shirt of it anyway, it was a 1st try at it.

  6. Good luck with you new shop - how cool is Hello Hayley!

  7. I LOVE HELLO HAYLEY! She totally rocks!

  8. Hello Hayley is too cute! I would definitely wear her on a t-shirt :)

  9. Hey Hayley I'm on Redbubble too.

    Can't remember the exact address but my username is DELAVALLE.

    No longer have internet access at work so I am just now catching up on everyone's posts. Love your latest photoshoot.


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