Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need a MODEL for a fashion shoot in Melbourne

Ahhhhhhhhhh I have to do a fashion shoot for my folio ASAP (like this weekend) and I need a model. I want someone who can look punky/dirty/grungey think Agyness Deyn or Alice Dellal.....but not necessarily blonde you just need to have some edge or be able to fake it, lol.

I am willi
ng to pay you for your time (like $20 per hour? Remember I am a student or $50 for 3 hours?) Plus cake!



Remember it is in Melbourne!!!

Or if anyone knows how to hire a model somehow, any info would be great.

y xoxo

Size 10 feet would be great


  1. Hi Hayley, thanks for linking me! I added your link to my blog also. It's great that you try to avoid chain stores, it's hard to these days unless you live inner city.

    Good luck on finding a model! Sorry I don't know any.

  2. ooooh!! what are you shooooting? good luck!!! can't wait to see your collection one day!:D

  3. ohh that would be so mad,
    hope you find some one.
    I'd offer up my services but i dont think i's be right for it lol.

    what are you shooting?

  4. hey! yeh good luck in finding someone!

    I would totally offer my services but i am most likely the wrong look, height etc... its so painful finding someone with the right look for a shoot, isnt it!!?? x

  5. good luck hayley!! i really cant wait to see the results, maybe i'll bump into you soooon!


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