Monday, September 15, 2008

Spring Fashion Week Party

In preparation for the party I got a few things that I have wanted for a while and needed anyway.

I bought 4 beautiful pink and red coffee cups from Target for only $9. We didn't end up using them at the party but I know I will be using them anyway for hot chocolate now the weather has turned and we are having a sudden cold snap after a few days of perfect Spring weather.

The reason I was at Big W the other day with my mum was to get 4 of these red and white striped cushions. They were on sale 2 for $15, pretty good value, but the city store didn't have them so I went to my mums local store. We needed cushions with ties on them because Hachiko had taken to pulling off the old cushions and attacking them and peeing on them (yay!) and I couldn't be bothered making any at the moment even though I have a whole roll of red and white striped fabric, I just am too busy to do it properly and for $30 for 4 it was too cheap to say no.

These are the beautiful cherry blossom flowers I ordered. I was a little surprised by how many I got for $20, I thought it was just going to be 1 branch, but this was like a whole tree! I had to catch the tram with them over my shoulder. To give you an idea of the scale they are the same height as me! They were too big to put in a vase on the table so they were just on the floor in vases (I used to have 2 of the clear ones but could only find 1 so not matching, oh well) so it was a little weird I guess, but I love cherry blossoms, they remind me of my Nana's house (she had 2 trees in her front yard) and of course of Japan.

I got to use my new cake stand from a Footscray $2 shop for $8. So cute yeah? I didn't make the cake by the way, that is from Aldi and for a $4 cake it is pretty yum!

The decorations I made plus some lanterns. Kawaii ne? I didn't follow Martha Stewart's instructions exactly because I didn't have enough tissue paper but I think they worked out fine...if you don't look at them too closely.

Please excuse Henry in this photo, he is at the fridge. He couldn't believe how much yummy food was left over from the party.

The party:

The guests: Super Kawaii Mama, Lady Melbourne, Chain Store Whore, Me, Esme and the lane way and Aus Style.

Everyone looked super stylish. It was so nice to meet everyone in person. Unfortunately Aus Style And Esme and the lane way had to leave early so they missed out on playing the pin the pussy bow on the blouse game. We were talking so much that the time just flew!

Here is pin the pussy blow on the blouse. It was really funny where we all thought it should go, you can see the shoulders was a popular choice.

There were only 3 people left and 3 prizes so everyone won, yay!

Once everyone left I fell asleep on the couch for 5 hours! Poor Henry came home to a huge mess in the kitchen and me snoring totally zonked out on the couch, but he was happy enough because he got to pig out on the left over food (Lady Melbourne he loves your cupcakes! and Super Kawaii Mama your scones are so yum, and Aus Style I want to know how to make the fried rice I tried some and it is so yummy *I am a vegetarian so I just had a try without the meat but wow it was yum.)

I am so glad everyone could come and it was so much fun. I really like having this Melbourne fashion blogging community. We are all so different and unique in our style but we all have this same passion for fashion and for blogging. Its nice to be part of a "movement" which is really what it is if you think about it, just like the Bloomsbury group or something. We should definitely do this again only next time I want to be able to relax and actually talk to people so not at my place, lol. That's always the case though, when you host a party you end up rushing about and not actually enjoying it trying to make sure everyone is ok. I still had fun and it was nice that everyone loved my apartment.

I love it too so just a little announcement here that we are not moving any more, after looking and looking we never found somewhere that was as nice as this place and in our price range so we are going to pay the rent increase because really it is still cheap to live here if you consider we never have to pay for transport and there is no carpet for the dog to ruin and we now don't need to pay for movers.

I would also like to thank Tokyo Made for sending me a prize pack from our competition too. I have already hung the plastic wall pocket thing to hold my fashion accessories. It is so kawaii. Thank you.

Oh and you may have noticed I didn't buy a new dress for the party, I just wore the pink dress I bought from Savers a while ago and posted about here, even though it wasn't so popular on the blog I still like it, plus my theme for the party was pink and red so it matched that. I didn't do an outfit photo because I was too sleepy but Esme and the lane way really liked it so I am happy.


  1. I adore the decorations (super cute cherry blossoms!) - looks fantastic. Glad you had a good time at the party!

  2. Ohh it looks like you had so much fun! If I lived in Melbourne I would've been there in a heartbeat!

  3. Ohh so sad I couldn't make it! You all look fabulous...but of course :)

    The cherry blossom flowers look beautiful and so do the decorations, you really went all out.

    Seeing as you're staying in the CBD we must meet up for tea/coffee and cake or something sometime! I'm a CBD gal too :)

  4. What a fabulous party! I am sooooo envious. Everything (and everyone) looks absolutely lovely!

  5. Your house & of course you and the guests all look spectacular! & I love the idea of 'pin the pussy bow on the blouse'... very chic :)

  6. Thanks again, Hayley! It really was so fun. I wish I could have stayed (boooo to paperwork, blee) but I think we should all do it again – but yep, maybe give you a break and not at your place! :)

  7. Oh I wish I wish I had been able to come! It looks like you all had such a lovely time, I just adore that cake tray!


  8. So much effort and so much attention to detail, Martha would have been proud. I could spend hours and hours being entranced by your decor. Thanks again for a magnificent day.

  9. thanks for everything! the decorations you made were beautiful. rest assured that you were a great host.
    oh and i'll be sure to email you and Lady M the rice recipe.

  10. Oh my, your apartment is just gorgeous, I really which I had decor that looked as beautiful and pulled together as yours does. And the decorations looked fantastic too, I rather like the mismatching cherry blossom vases - it looks like an intentional cute little touch. Your party looked like it was heaps of fun and everyone looks so beautiful!

  11. oh this is fantastic, you look like such a good hostess!!
    the pin the pussy bow on the blouse game is genius!

  12. i really adore the theme of the party and of your apartment in general, so sweet! and what a good way to get bloggers together :)

  13. Looks like it was fun. Once again sorry I couldn't make it, I've been ill on and off and I wouldn't of been much company.

  14. I'm so jealous of you Melbourne ladies and your get-togethers. Love your decor!!

  15. Ohh I so wish I could have come, it sounds like you guys had so much fun.
    Unfortunately for me I was stuck in the middle of nowhere at some "relaxing" lodge... ugh. worst weekend ever.
    Hopefully there will be another event like this, and I'll try my best to get there this time!

  16. I wish I could have come but somehow I ended up in Gippsland on the weekend!

  17. your home looks gorgeous - you girls all looked lovely. Sounds like the party we off with a bang!

  18. Where did you order cherry blossom branches?? They are stunning!

  19. Oh I just found your blog and I have to say this party looked like a lot of fun!
    I checked out your Japanese Blog too and now I want to go to Tokyo!!


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