Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Favourites

I finally edited all of my photos for Melbourne Street and I wanted to share with you my favourite looks from the week. I know I'm a bit late with it all but believe me I have been busy! You have to check out all the looks on the site because there are so many it was hard to choose favourites.

Kaleidescape at Melbourne Town Hall Presented by Marie Claire magazine.

Anna Thomas
I am always partial to a good stripped t-shirt, I could wear this on holiday in Tahiti, its so nautical.

Ginger & Smart
The model I met! (The face of Spring Fashion Week!)
I love the native American styling. Its a shame you can't see the shoes, stupid flowers on the runway, but they were amazing gladiator sandals.

Ginger & Smart
I love Hammer Pants but don't have the figure for them, but I love this look.

I am totally feeling the sk-pant look for Spring (Skirt + Pants)

Another great sk-pant. I love the print of the fabric on the dress.

RAW Sustainable Fashion Parade at Fix Docklands

This parade was impossible to photograph, the models never looked at the photographers and they moved so much most photos ended up blurry, lots of the photographers around me were complaining. Its a shame because some of the clothes were amazing.

Fourth Daughter
This dress is beautiful, I would style it differently however.

Ruby Red Dress
A vintage jumpsuit plus kimono jacket = love

RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Design Final Year Student Parade - Mixed Tape Side A and Side B

This was THE BEST SHOW OF THE WEEK by far, so imaginative and creative.

Rachael Kroussoratis
I could see this look on one of the Spank girls in Tokyo

Rachael Kroussoratis

Eloise Warburton
I loved this collection for "larger women". It didn't hide anything but showed that you can be proud of your curves. Wearing a cupcake necklace is cute too but I'm not sure is that is a little too proud of your curves? This is another look I could see in Tokyo.

Sarah Macdonnell
The shoes and stockings are so Rodarte don't you think? I loved this look because of the woollen neckline/necklace?, as you know I am interested in woollen accessories and big bold necklaces made out of wool. The neckline reminded me a little of Mercibeacoup the Japanese label.

Alicia Gramsbergen
Wow, I love this. It's kinda Anime but not.

Courtenay Tyrrell
I love this photo. The lights were off because the leggings glow in the dark. I like how the photo looks like 90's hippy trippy art, it just needs a moon and a unicorn in there.

Michelle Czech
This is the winning collection. I think it definitely deserved to win, the collection works so well together. I love the unusual fabric and what she has done with it. The prize for winning was the chance to design the metlink uniform...great prize? I think she got money as well which is great.

Be sure to check out all the fab fashion from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week at


  1. Michelle Czech is crazzeeeee! You've definitely discovered someone here Hayley.
    How funny we went to all the same parades but chose completely differnet looks!

  2. I love the print on that Gorman dress too - the colour is really beautiful. Student fashion can be so amazing, free from the restraints of production and sales and all that stuff.

    What a huge job editing it all down to a handful, you must be sick of looking at the screen!

  3. Thanks so much for posting these. I didn't have my camera and it's great to relive that awesome show.

    LOL I had first year with Eloise Warburton, it's cool to see her designs improve over the years.

  4. I love Anna Thomas, I hadn't heard of her until last week!

  5. Wow the RMIT show was the best by far! I love all the designs.

    And I'm super fond of the Gorman ensembles, I love the first skpant outfit in particular :D

  6. oh that kimono jacket is gorgeous! i've been looking for something like that for so long. might have to get it....

    i too am a fan of woollen accessories! haha. most of the ones i've seen are too avant garde for everyday wear but i suppose that's the point.

  7. i agree with you. the RMIT parade designs really stand out! i loved the second pic of Rachael Kroussoratis' design.

    also, i'm love with the Michelle Czech designs. they are THE BEST!
    Great work on photographing everything!

  8. Hi Hayley,
    I've come across your blog a couple of times but I'm adding you to my reader so I don't lose you.

    Just wanted to say that I was at the RAW parade too, and I saw you over near the eatery but I was too chicken to approach you, haha.

    I was trying to take photos for my blog and I know what you mean about it being impossible! There was that one model that was practically running every time. And that Fourth Daughter dress was one of my favourites too.

    Anyway I'm sure I'll see you around the blogosphere.


  9. Wow, it must have been amazing to view so many young and aspiring designers at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I envy you.

    P.S. Yeah, Yalei works for Melbourne Street Fashion, too! :D
    P.P.S. Allow me to link you also.


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