Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oops (warning long ranty post below)

I shrunk my favourite dress in the wash. It is now more like a t-shirt less like a dress. Who knew that this could happen even to 2nd hand items from Savers that I would assume would have been washed many times before. I am totally bummed about this, if only I could turn back time and press the cold button on the machine. Damn.

I also now have my model for the shoot I need to do for my folio. I just want to clarify that I'm not going to be studying fashion design, I will be studying fashion styling and creative direction. It includes interior styling, event management and even food styling. We learn all about photo shoots, photography, mood boards and so much more. I have always seen myself as more of a stylist rather than a designer, whenever I design clothes I always feel that they aren't very original, but when I style outfits I think that is when I excel. I must say that I don't personally wear all of my crazy ideas, maybe due to my size, because it just won't look good on me, but I do have loads of ideas. Oh by the way remember that diet I was on? Well I still don't eat McDonalds anymore so I am back to being a good vegetarian, but I haven't really been working on it since the drama of my life took over again, but I really want to work on it again so by writing that here hopefully I will get motivated again.

Anyway this course really does seem perfect for me, it is the only one like it in Melbourne, and all of my work when I was at art school was about fashion styling in a way, I guess I have been waiting to find a course just like it since I left highschool (6 years ago, eeep what the heck have I achieved? Ahhhh life is so messy, I thought by now I would have some kind of career instead I am still working on getting there, slowly but surely)

I have my interview for the Uni in the next 2 weeks so wish me luck. I better stop talking like I am in, it's not guaranteed yet but I have a good feeling about it and I can't help planning my life around the change, I always do that, plan way ahead.

In happy news it looks like I'll go to Tokyo in December for 2-3 months so it doesn't matter that I'm not going to Korea on exchange anymore I can still visit Tokyo, and for longer. I just need to save up the price of the flight and maybe $1000 or more and I can go (Tokyo is cheap for me, staying at friends places, eating at conbini's for $1 (conbini means convenience stores...but in Japan they have healthy cheap salads, onigiri, soba for less than $3) free entry into clubs. I won't be able to shop but I'm going more to see friends and take some photos of people on the street so yay)

Even more happy news is that by not going to Korea I will be here when my bestest friend in the whole world is here for 1 month in March. I haven't seen her since 2003 (woah I can't believe it has been that long) We have been friends since grade 3 in Primary school when her parents moved to Australia from Scotland for their work (she is Scottish) They were here for 1 year and then went back home. Then they moved back to Australia when we were in year 7 at highschool until we were in year 9 at highschool. After that she came back for a few months the following year without her parents and then I visited her in Scotland for 3 weeks when I was in year 11. Then she came back for 6 months in my 1st year of Uni in 2003 and that is the last time I saw her. I really can't believe it was that long ago...woah. Anyway I have been looking forward to her coming back for ages and ages, it was meant to be this November but its been pushed back to March next year which when I found out made me cry, I was totally considering not going on exchange just to be able to see her for that month, well now it seems to have all worked out because I'm doing this other new plan so YAY (well if I do get into that course, see I can't help it I keep making plans like I am already in). Even better news is she will be staying with me for that whole time so its going to be so much fun! (I need to buy a blow up mattress, one that Hachiko can't break) Even with all these absences when we are together it is like we were never apart, she is that type of friend. We are total opposites too by the way, she is a med student (the reason she is coming to Australia is for some Internship at a hospital here) and kinda not arty but she gets me and I get her. I can't wait till she is here. Last time she was here I was so different, I was 19 and not into partying and kinda in between homes so living at Henry's parents house, I was totally not cool. Oh and I was in a wheelchair for the 1st month of her time here in Aus due to a broken left leg and injured right knee ligament so I was no fun, I was on loads of pain killers and couldn't go anywhere except the Casino which is pretty much the only wheelchair friendly venue in the city, it really opened up my eyes about those issues, footpaths are terrible and they broke the small wheels of the wheelchair all the time, we went through 4 rental chairs in a month! Anyway the last week she was here I moved into this amazing sharehouse in Fitzroy and made all these new friends and started partying and started to be cool again, so I want to show her how different I am now, lol.

Ok so yeah sorry about the ranty post and the over use of brackets, just needed to clear my head. I guess I use this blog as a personal diary not just as a fashion diary so I'm sorry if its boring, fashion posts will resume tomorrow, hopefully with some new outfits (I'm so bad at doing outfits regularly)


  1. glad you found a model! you seem quite stressed out aswell as being excited hehe wish you all the best for the interviews and i really think you'll get it! goodluck :D i wanto go back to japan .. for me i think it'll have to be the end of next year unless i win the jackpot~

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dress. I thought that photo of you looked great and you look like you have lost a lot of weight. Great to hear you are going back to Tokyo, I will be there in December too! I have been saving all year. I hope you have a good time with your friend and maybe we'll bump into each other in Tokyo!
    Best from London!

  3. Glad you found a model, can't wait to see pictures from your shoot!

    And how exciting that you're going to be studying fashion styling now xxx

  4. Goodluck getting into the course! It sounds amazing and absolutely perfect for you!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  5. Goodluck on the portfolio lovely!!I'm actually considering applying for the same course (at the whitehouse) but I'm not sure I will have a portfolio ready.
    Most of my best friends are overseas, so I can feel you excitement! I hope you have so much funness!!

  6. wow, I love this look on you...and good luck with your studies....Im taking fashion design and sometimes its a pain in the ass.

  7. Total bummer about the dress - I hate doing that sort of stuff (ie turned the print on a beautiful dress brown when I nappi-sanned it to get a tiny stain out).

    Fabulous news about everything else though - I really do think you'd make a fabulous stylist!

  8. See there you go! It's all working out for you. Congratulations... (prematurely of course!) I really think it's a great direction for you to go in.

  9. Great outfit in that photo. Is that an Elke Kramer necklace? *LOVE* Love the glasses too... I've been looking for a cheap pair like that for ages!

    Good luck with the course, it sounds really amazing! I'm always in awe of stylists. I work in a fashion boutique myself (casually), and I do quite a bit of one-on-one styling with customers, but I've never been formally trained... so I'm sometimes a bit of a spaz when it comes to creating a whole "outfit". Practice makes perfect I guess!

  10. Kerry: Ohh thanks but I actually made the necklace myself .It is plastic chain from a hardware shop $5 per metre tied up with some ribbon Yay!

  11. sorry to hear about your dress - that sucks.
    i think you'll be an awesome stylist, but does that mean you're not gonna make your woolen necklaces anymore?
    i don't mind your rants- they're interesting. dude, sometimes your life deserves a movie.

  12. hope you get into that school! i'm sure you'll be fine.
    i might be going to tokyo in december with my family!! i hope we get to have a chokokuro together in harajuku :D


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