Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thrifty finds and crafty ideas

I got this dress at Savers in Footscray for $9.99. At the moment it is a little too long so I am hoping to hem it tomorrow. It has puffy sleeves which kinda remind me of the famous Balenciaga dress from their Spring 2008 collection. I want to shorten the arms to t-shirt lenght because the 3 1/4 look was kinda unflattering. As soon as I fix it I'll wear it and show you what I'm talking about.

I got this dress at Savers for only $7.99. It was originally black but I tried to bleach dye it in a marbled it is brown....oops, I wanted black and white. I might dye it back to black though because I bought some more black fabric dye for another project. I think black and brown might look cool.

I bought this dress at Dimmeys for $3.99, I also got a white one. I bought them both to experiment with. This one I plan on splashing bleach all over hoping for some white to come through, the white dress I plan on dip dying black....I hope they turn out.

After Uni the other day I went to the DFO on Spencer Street. DFO stands for Direct Factory Outlet and basically it is a factory outlet shopping mall. I never find clothes at DFO just accessories. This was an amazing buy down from $24.99 to just $2 at Glassons. I love this type of necklace and this one is really cool and shiny.

Another corset belt. I got it at Forever New at DFO. Down from $30 to just $9.99. I'm a little confused about the striped waist band and how to work it but if you know my style I kinda like clashing bold prints so maybe it will be fine.

I am working on an exciting collaboration blog competition....more details tomorrow hopefully but I know you all will be very, very excited.


  1. Hey there Hayley!
    I've been lurking here a while but I thought I'd delurk to share what I've learnt from some of my horrible bleaching experiments. Black will never bleach to white as bleach only removes one layer of dye from fabric. Most of the time it will strip it back to red/ burgundy or brown. You're better off flicking white paint if you want a splash effect.
    Hope that helps

  2. I've never had much success with my bleaching experiments either - although denim generally bleaches well, everything else just seems to end in disaster. Tie dyeing much for effective!

    I love all your purchases, I can't wait to see the "Balenciaga" in all its altered glory!

  3. Hi Hayley! I just thought I would introduce myself as I have just discovered your fine blog, and must say, I'm hooked hooked HOOKED! :D I'm also enormously jealous - those finds are amaaaazing! Why do we not have a Savers in Sydney, whyyyyyy?

  4. I love the finds, Hayley! That belt is also extremely awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Also -- I forgot to tell you something about Korea - I've been twice (and it's completely insane compared to Japan!) but they have all these 24hr fashion markets in Seoul - don't know if you're going there - but they will blow your mind! I have size 10 feet and they have the most amazing super kawaii shoes. The woman working there gave me a calculator to type out my shoe size in centimeters and when I did she just walked away, laughing in disbelief! So rude!!
    I don't know how you feel about amusement parks but they have Lotte World in Seoul too which is weirdly cool.

  5. I suck at both bleaching and dying. The Balenciaga find looks awesome.

    I'm really interested to hear about your collaboration too!

  6. I agree, the Balenciaga looks great, I can't wait to see the alterations! I love the stripy corset belt too.

  7. Great purchases! The dresses have great potential..I really like the print on the first one. It's weird I used to HATE floral with a passion, I think I have come around because of the way it's paired with tougher elements like..leather, in fashion at the moment.

    I despise DFO simply because I always go there looking for something and emerging hours later empty handed (or lugging bags of junk I don't need. The lack of natural light in that place also depresses me!

  8. hi hayley, i pretty much have read all your blogs and check regularly at work!
    i don't know why i love them so much, but the other day i saw you in degraves! it was sooo exciting, but now i feel like a stalker writing this! anyway, keep writing!
    thanks for the great fashion blogs!


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