Friday, August 15, 2008

Dream Bed on Sale at Ikea and more rental dream houses

I hope it stays on sale for 1 more week when I can finally afford it. I have wanted it forever. We need to replace our bed soon, it is so creaky and scratched and ugly but we did buy it 2nd hand (for more than this one is new at the sale price) It would be prefect if we get a place soon just to get it delivered to the new place. Hopefully things work out.

Here is another dream house in Footscray. It is now my favourite and we are going to have a look on the weekend, well at this one and a whole list of others. Footscray has pages of available rentals where as Fitzroy has only 4 ugly places available in our price range. Yay for Footscray.

Wow such a cute front, I love the new fence, so chic.

Built in his and her robes....So beautiful! The yellow bed would look so striking in this room.

WOW amazing kitchen.

Wow built in bookshelves, so much storage!

Our dining table would look so cute here.

No bath but still an amazing bathroom.

I love this backyard, its small and easy to maintain and looks really secure so Hachiko will be fine here.

I can't wait till we move now, I wish it could be sooner but we still have 1 more rent to pay on our apartment, so really we can't move till the end of September. I'm not sure how long these places will be available that we are looking at, but I think it's a good idea to get to know what to expect and to get a feel for the area. Henry is really stressed about moving, but I'm not. See Henry lived only in 1 house his entire life, where as my family moved once a year or so because we were renters, So I have moved maybe 24 times or more. I also moved house in Tokyo which was kinda hard. At first I thought I would just take my stuff on the trains but that was going to be impossible (I had 2 futons, a sofa bed, 1 set of drawers, 1 full length mirror and a clothes rack plus my already overflowing suitcase...I had only been in the country for 1 month!) So I found a gaijin moving service (basically a moving service for foreigners who speak English) and orgainised a truck. Anyway I know we have a lot more stuff with this move, but moving in Tokyo is crazy impossible because of the 1 way streets and if you remember from the google street view of my old street, very narrow streets that trucks can't go up. We had to park in the side street and really hurry up with the move because cars had started to come and toot their horns at us in the way...maybe 20 cars by the end of the move. Very stressful!

I have also been looking at buying a place in Footscray which is also cheap and the places are dreamy. I think if we lived in Melbourne forever Footscray would be our burb for life. Maybe when and if we come back from living overseas for a few years we will buy a place there, who knows what to expect. Which makes it hard to decide what to do when we do move back to Japan. Do we sell all our furniture or keep it in storage? Is there any point in buying a new bed when in a little over a year we will be moving to Japan and for 6 of those months I will be away in Korea anyway? So confusing.

Oh yeah and by the way I was accepted into the Korea exchange. I now have 100 forms to fill out and lots of stress about when I will receive the scholarship money because I need it to buy my air fare and other pre departure expenses like my visa and insurance. It seems I get the money in October, but I need my visa first, but to get the visa I need my flights booked and that means I need the money before hand....I'm sure it will work out but its confusing all the logistics. The good thing about the move to Footscray is I won't have to pay the rent while I'm away, we can just rent out the 3rd bedroom and it will cover me and when I come back the place will be cheaper cos 4 people in the 3 bedroom place. So it's all good. If we stayed in the apartment the plan was for me to continue paying the rent from Korea, which was a bit annoying but it was going to be covered by my centrelink youth allowance (which I still get while on exchange!) but now when I get back I will have 6 months of untouched centrelink to spend (it will go towards paying for the move back to Japan) I am so lucky hey? Honestly things are good again, just a little stressful to get everything done but it all looks like it will turn out fine. Yay!


  1. Wow. You totally coined it right there with the comment about Henry. I've lived one house my entire life (since I was 9... I still live there now) and I'm TERRIFIED of moving. I just need to break the seal I think...
    I'm so glad that travel and study plans are working out for you. It's so hard to juggle stuff sometimes and I'm glad it's coming up roses!

  2. Firstly - congratulations on the korea exchange!

    Secondly - how cute is that little dream house? I think you can find a way to get your hands on that place despite the logistics issues.

    Poor Henry - luckily I married a fellow nomad so when I get itchy feet so does he!

  3. i like this house the best! It looks so cute! I love the fence too!

    congrats on the scholarship, exciting stuff ahead ;)

  4. WOW!
    These houses just get cuter and cuter.

    I love the built in wardrobes and the IKEA bed has so much DIY potential.

  5. Hello. My boyfriend and I live in Footscray, and I buy and sell vintage clothes for a living... SAVERS!
    We have been living here for a little over a year and have thought about moving but we currently only pay $175 p/w between us for our little unit.
    We really like it here, but I would say the biggest downside is having to travel such a long way to go out/get home at night and to meet up with friends during the day. Other then that there are only positives.

    Hope to see you around soon! xx

  6. I really like ikea stuff. I have a wardrobe and it is one of my best purchases ever. Priced well too.
    This house is ultra cute too :)

  7. Speaking of Ikea I just bought the black dressing table in the same series as your bed. Assembling it today! Might post some photos of it later.
    That house is very cute and well kept. Footscray really isnt that bad I dont think.
    And Congrats! on the Korea exchange. Are you going there for uni? Also...jealous of your return to japan!

  8. That's an incredible deal on the bed frame!
    I used to live in a shot gun style house and I loved it. It was antebellum too, from 1860-something. AND it had an ideal little address on Spring St. Doesn't that sound nice? I always loved that.

  9. Congrats on the Korea program Hayley, well done you.
    Did you get the bed? I hope it's still there for you when you go back.

  10. hi! this is reader all the way from Malaysia! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I really admire you! esp your fashion style..and gosh, i love that pair of red shoes with black bow that you have!


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