Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kawaii Tokyomade Competition

This is so exciting. The super nice Sushizume from Tokyomade contacted me about doing a collaborative blog competition to celebrate the new kawaii home goods she will be stocking in her awesome online store and my moving house. We unfortunately never met when I lived in Tokyo but we are friends with some of the same people, it's such a small world sometimes, especially online.

Anyway here are the Competition details:

What: Design "Fashion Hayley's Dream House"

How: Polyvore, Photoshop, Scanned in sketch....basically anything you want and then just email the entries to me at lippierced1 at hotmail dot com

Time: The competition will run from TODAY until Sunday the 31st of August 7pm AEST with winners being announced on Monday the 1st of September.

Prizes: This is the exciting part, there will be 3 winners. Sushizume's pick, Fashion Hayley's pick and a chosen winner. YAY.

Each KAWAII PRIZE PACK includes a toilet lid cover and mat which have the cute Engrish moto of "Let's spend the time of a toilet happily!" and a 12 pocket plastic wall pocket thing which are really handy for orgainising jewellery (that's what I use them for anyway). YAY!

Strawberry toilet set lid is a strawberry and mat is white with strawberries on it. Strawberry wall pocket is clear plastic with glitter through it and strawberries all over it.

Rock n roll toilet set is hot pink with black notes on lid and a black mat with big pink notes. The wall pocket is hot pink fabric with black notes and black pom pom trim.

Heart toilet set has white lid with red hearts and red heart shaped mat with white hearts.. Heart wall pocket is clear with glitter and red hearts.

I hope you are as excited as I am...

You have 11 days so get cracking people.


  1. COol. I heart the Strawberry one the most.

  2. ooooooooh!
    I'm so gonna do u a beautiful home Hayley!!!
    yay yay yay!!!

  3. Oooo Hayley, I'll have to get the maids sketching!

  4. Wow - I'd have to rank them - but love them all:
    First - the hearts
    Second - Rock'N'Roll
    Third - Strawberry

    I rove them!

  5. Oh, awesome!! I'm a Polyvore addict as it is, so this is gonna be sweet.

    Do we make your dream house, like the outside of the house? Or can we do your dream bedroom, or kitchen or something? Or does it not matter..?

  6. Ivyology: You can do whatever you want, inside, outside, kitchen, bedroom anything is ok :> Just be creative xoxo


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