Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spring Fashion Week 2008 + Party

Is anyone going to any Fashion Week events? I am hopefully going to some parades but I also hope to check out some of the free exhibitions on during the week. I can't wait.

Now unfortunatly I missed out on the High Tea Lady Melbourne organised for yesterday so I am hoping to organise an end of "Spring Fashion Week" fashion bloggers wrap up party.

Date: Sunday 14th September (The 7th is Fathers Day so I had to re-schedule)

Where: My city apartment (email me for the address at lippierced1 at hotmail dot com)

Time: 1:00

Bring: Your camera and a plate of food.

Activities: Spring themed photo shoot, a style the dressmakers dummy competition (bring some clothes and accessories for this) pin the pussy bow on the blouse (similar to pin the tail on the donkey) and some karaoke! There will be prizes!

Wear: Your interpretation of the key trends for Spring!

Fashion bloggers who wish to come just comment or email me. I hope you all think this will be as fun as I do.

OH and by the way there is still 1 week for the Kawaii Tokyomade Competition and I only have 1 entry so far.


  1. Im definitely interested! Will aim to keep the date free :)

  2. If I'm not in NZ (which isn't looking likely) then I'll be in Melbourne covering MSFW and I'll be dead certs to be at your party.


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