Sunday, August 24, 2008

How I wore my new dress

Hat: Dotti $9.95
Dress: Thrifted from Savers $9.99
Scarf: Thrifted from Savers $3
Belt: Target $19
Leggings: Thrifted from Kinji Harajuku, Tokyo $7
Shoes: I love Billy $65 on sale

I finally hemmed the dress (well actually Henry did it for me, he is more careful at these sorts of things than me, plus he actually enjoys it and he always offers to sew buttons and things for me...yeah I know how lucky am I? Remember how I was saying in my dormitory in Korea there is a live in seamstress? Well I already have one, lol) I haven't changed the arms yet, just folded them up to wear today. At first I thought the dress was still a little too long, but then when I took off my leggings to see what it would look like in Summer and I thought it was the right length, any shorter and I wouldn't wear it at all bare legged. It currently sits just above the knee so hopefully when we have some warm days soon in Spring I can finally stop wearing my leggings!

Talking about Spring, I made a polyvore of my ideas for decorating my house for the Spring Fashion Week Wrap-up Party (All Melbourne Fashion Bloggers invited). You may remember I love dinner parties. table arrangements and general party planning so this is going to be so much fun. I am inspired by the recent issue of Real Living magazine where they give you so many excellent party ideas. I really wanted to try them out.

I like the idea of flower centrepieces and decorations. I am hoping that cherry blossoms will be in season (I think they will be, if the weather does warm up in time) so I can do some cool things with them. I have the same table in that pic from Ikea (It is actually kinda crap by the way, it chips really easily and is really wobbly so I do not recommend it at all, from a distance it is fine but up close it annoys me so much) Anyway here is my polyvore:

It was hard to find the right flowers and things but this is sorta my idea. I really want to make this look as good as possible because we are moving soon and I want to have some amazing photos of this place. I really love this apartment, it has perfect light, is in an amazing location and is so chic and modern. Hopefully we can find a nice place when we do move but it doesn't seem too promising after spending the day looking at rentals on Saturday. There were some really nice places but in those inspections there were normal full time working couples so us students stand no chance, and then in the ugly places with holes in the walls and floors we were the only people getting application forms. The good news is we found someone to move out with us, she is amazing, nice, funny and cool. She is from America but has been here for 3 years and she has amazing tattoos! I'm really excited about moving out with her.

I plan on making some new cushions for our chairs. Hachiko likes to pull the current ones off and chew them to death, so I'm going to make some that you can tie to the seat with that red and white fabric I bought a while ago at an op shop.

and these decorations that I saw on the Martha Stewart website ages ago.

It's going to be so cute. Henry is bound to hate it, lol.


  1. You look so pretty in that dress - those colours look perfect with your hair. I wish I could come to your party!

  2. I don't actually think that colour dress works with you. And I wouldn't wear that neck scarf with it either.

  3. Skye: Thank you, I wish you could come too.
    Anon: Henry doesn't like it either, he thinks I look like the Queen. I like it though, and I love toughening up floral dresses with black leather accessories.

  4. I love the dress I think it looks great, and the colour is perfect on you! I initially thought the black scarf was part of the dress, like black darting... cute!
    And I love the ideas for your party. The idea of cherry blossoms is great!

  5. At first i thought the scarf was a piece of bondage gear and then I read it was a scarf...duh!

    Cool that you've found someone to move in with you I just hope Hachiko doesn't eat her shoes!

  6. im not a big fan either... not ur usual choice! and i really dont like the sleeves... u need to change them.

  7. i loved the balenciaga dress and i think this looks great! I know you haven't hemmed the sleeves yet, may be you could make it shorter? it will be more proportionate to the length. :)

    & oh i wish i had someone to hem stuff for me! i have so many thrifted things that i end up selling again cause they don't fit me!


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