Thursday, August 14, 2008

I own 32 pairs of shoes!!!

That's a lot of shoes when you lay them all out

This is the whole collection. It looks a lot crazier like this than when they are all in my wardrobe! Nearly all my shoes are under $10. So it isn't that much money that I've spent, but maybe I should stop buying shoes? Plus some are missing from the shot and count as borrowed by my sister.

From left to right, back to front:
  • Brown gladiator sandals from Savers in Footscray, yet to wear them as its been winter.
  • Denim Plim Soles from Big W for $6, kinda over them now.
  • Gold plim soles from Big W for $9, kinda falling apart from over wear.
  • White plim soles from Big W for $6, Dirty but still nice and occasionally worn.
  • Strange white lace shoes from Hunter Gatherer for $10, yet to wear as kinda silly really.
  • Silver oxfords from Harajuku, Tokyo for $20 worn heaps and heaps, I love them.
  • Polka dot flats which were bought at Big W for $6 to wear to work when I worked in childcare, currently full of sand from said work place and I haven't worn them since I got fired.

  • Red and black flats, bought in china town.
  • Red flats with black bow, bought on sale at Big W for $16 and worn to job interviews.
  • Black and white oxfords, bought on sale for $35 and worn nearly every day since, I love them.
  • Brown mens shoes, bought on sale at Aboh shoes on Brunswick Street for $65, worn heaps.

  • Black and gold sandals from Savers for $6.
  • Black and Cream and Red and Cream fake Marc Jacobs shoes from China town years ago.
  • Brown oxfords from Savers for $9.

My collection of jelly plastic shoes
  • Pink heeled jellys from Savers for $1.99!
  • Black Fendi inspired jelly flats from Target Bendigo for $3!
  • Yellow Fendi inspired jelly flats from Big W for $6...
  • Red jelly flats, I forget where from but I have them in white as well, probably Big W.

  • Black velvet vintage shoes from a vintage store in New York.
  • Red Marc Jacobs mid heels from New York, bought on sale for $99 at Century 21.
  • White Flats just like the red ones from the last pic.
  • White fake Melissa shoes from Harajuku, Tokyo for $20.

  • Black Espadrilles from Sidewalk on Brunswick Street for $60.
  • White fake Chloe wedges from ebay USA for my wedding for $70 incl postage.
  • Black bondage wedge from Savers for $9.

  • Doc like black boots from Novo for $90.
  • Fake Marc Jacobs Target boots that I wanted from Target back in 2003/2004 but they had sold out of my size found at Savers for $10.
  • Floral Docs bought on ebay USA for $50 plus $40 postage. I love them.
  • Bondage heels from some Swanston Street cheapo store for $20.
  • Black brogues from Mollini for $150.
  • Grey brogues from some Swanston Street cheapo store for $20.

How many shoes do you own?

When is it ever enough? I don't think I will ever have enough, I seem to buy new shoes nearly every week and every few months I do a cull and sell 5 pairs or so on ebay. How much money have you spent on shoes? At least I'm not like Carrie who famously spent $400,000 on shoes. How is that even possible?


  1. Gah I have so many pairs of shoes! About 30 I think. I only have about 7 pairs with me in Bangkok because shoes take up so much room in a suitcase. I normally spend between $30-$120 on shoes. I just recently purchased some vintage handmade sandals for $140 plus $30 postage off the internet. I think that's the most I've ever spent. But I am already planning more shoe buying (flats) when I go back to Australia for a visit because the icky Bangkok pavement ruins my high heels. I'm thinking about getting some jellies since reading your blog. They look super comfy but not in an gross crocs kind of way.

  2. I haven't counted how many shoes I have, but I must admit, I am like Carrie! I do spend over £400 on a pair of shoes. Then when I go out I don't buy one pair, I buy 5! That goes for glasses, jewellery, bags, clothes...
    I have counted the number of glasses I have not counting sunglasses and the last time I checked it was over 50. Maybe I should get everything out and start counting. I'm trying not to buy so many clothes as I am shrinking and am having to send so much to the charity shop.

    I used to wear Manolos ages ago, they are very comfortable, so are Fendis and Pradas. My new favourite is Giuseppe Zanotti.

  3. wow! that's a lot of shoes.. I probably own like 15!

  4. Hahaha...sweet post! I wish I could find shoes like that at the thrift stores here...I probably should just buy them. I used to be more held back at buying old shoes...but heck, for 5 bucks...if everybody says they're stupid, then throw them away or give to the needy or something! Seriously! haha. Your shoes are awesome, please get me some neon early 90's crap or anything high top! haha. I always look on ebay but I never find good results.

    Also..I think it becomes too much maybe when you have tons of shoes you NEVER wear. To me, I like clothes, I'm not gonna quit buying crap, but if I have stuff that has been sitting there for months and has no nostalgic value, then its going to someone who needs it. haha

  5. I love almost all of your shoes Hayley (except for the the spotted childcare shoes), cool collection!

    I have 24 pairs in circulation at the moment (not including pairs of Havs and the three pairs of shoes in my garage sale bag). I wear all of them, although the summer sandals are only getting the occasional wear at the moment due to freezingness. I can always have more shoes!

    I don't spend a lot these days but in the mid-90s heyday of my shoe collection (upwards of 60 pairs) it was in the thousands.

  6. Don't worry - there is no such thing as too many shoes! ;)

    I'm liking the fake Marc Jacobs and your oxfords are all lovely.

  7. Woah! That's a very impressive collection of shoes! Those fake Chloe wedges are beautiful.

    I have no idea how many pairs of shoes I own, but probably only about 15. The there's the whole other question of how many of those pairs I actually wear regularly!

  8. i discovered the other night that i have no shoes appropriate for walking in the rain and actually probably only about 15 pairs of shoes and only three or four i wear in regular rotation. i desperately need to a) get a few pairs that i love to death re-soled and b) buy more. you can never have too many!

  9. I'll have to do a shoe count I think. I don't actually have enough space in the wardrobe to have them all out at once, so I box up the 'special occasion' ones or those that I can't wear for the season. Last time I counted it was about 65, but I'm sure I have culled since then. The most I ever spent on one pair was $450, but that was the sale price of a much more expensive pair. I have trouble justifying spending so much money on one pair of shoes, but I try!

  10. Nice shoes! I noticed you have alot of pointed toe shoes, I love looking at them on the shelf and on other people but whenever I try them on I hate them!

    I feel like my feet are huge, I'm a 10-11 I know your about a 10 (i think i read it some where) Did you find that?

  11. OK! So I thought you were shitting me, but that's a mighty big collection of shoes. But 33 sounds like such a much better number.

  12. Oh I'm sure I could easily find a way to drop $400K on shoes if I was on her salary.

    p.s. you can NEVER have too many shoes.

  13. I'm at 45 at the moment! none are more than $120.... my hubby buys more and more of them on ebay! I keep running out of space for them - I converted a standard tall bookcase, adding double the amount of shelves I blogged here
    how do you store yours?

  14. Wow, what an AMAZING collection! I think I have about 20 pairs, but you're right, no matter how many you have, it never seems like enough! :D

  15. "Silver oxfords from Harajuku, Tokyo for $20 worn heaps and heaps, I love them."

    What designer/brand are these silver oxfords??? I LOVE THEM! I love the toe soo much, Ive been trying to find some like that but have had absolutely no success! HELP! :)

  16. Claudine, they aren't a brand, I bought them in 2007 in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan at a cheap store. Not sure where you can find similar really. Sorry.


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