Monday, August 25, 2008

Platform Artists Group Inc.

I went to the Platform Gallery in the Degraves Subway the other day. I really loved this work by Simon Pericich, I think it's very post apocalyptic and it reminds me of Mad Max and more recently MGMT's film clip for Time to Pretend. A hilarious child like array of weapons for a psychedelic Armageddon sit in the gallery's window boxes, the hoards of rush hour train passengers barely notice them, maybe thinking they are one of those "in emergencies break glass" things.

Watch MGMT Time to pretend here (For some reason you can't embed this song, every clip has it disabled)


  1. this exhib I like i like!
    wanna see it too...
    nice pictures hayles ^^

  2. thats not the real mgmt clip...


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