Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Henry copied me again

I have written on here before how Henry and me end up almost dressing the same sometimes. Well now we are going to look even more similar. Why? Because Henry went and got himself some new wayfarer style specs. Yes he does actually need glasses (for driving, which he doesn't do, he failed his written test in high school and never tried again lol poor Henry) so he went off to the same place I got my specs and bought very similar ones to mine (well mine are bigger and have gold bits on the ends). I think he looks pretty cute though, but I HATE his beard its sooo gross and smelly.

He looks like a turtle here. He kept doing "joke" poses which WERE NOT funny and this was the best shot.

In other news there are 7 new shots up on MelbourneStreetFashion.com
YES that's right 7!!!! Go check them out NOW.

Here are some interesting shoes I saw today.

Gladiators from an op shop. Worn with tights for warmth. I really like these shoes I can't believe they come from an op shop of all places, they are so now.

Such cute boots on a super cute young lass (honestly she was breathtaking). These are also from an op shop. I love all the buckles, so unique.

These babies are from Alannah Hill. I used to be such a huge fan of Alannah Hill back in high school (I have her autograph from when I saw her at Camberwell Market when I was 15, she liked the embroidered boots I was wearing, Yay) These shoes are pretty hot, I think they would suit Lady Melbourne (they remind me of the gloves she made, check them out on her blog)

Lastly are my faves of the bunch. I still want a pair of docs, the fake ones from Novo just don't cut it like a real pair would. These are from a 2nd hand shop. I never find docs at op shops but maybe I should try vintage stores? Anyone got any tips on where to get cheap docs? preferably in the floral pattern? in a size 10? Lol


  1. Henry's glass look good. My boyfriend copies me sometimes - same colour/shape jeans or same cardigan. But then I do it to him too.

    Those multi-buckle boots are from an op shop?!? That's it, I'm getting dressed and hunting for some everyday from now on.

    There is a pair of floral docs that I try on everytime I go to the city. But they are super expensive. I'm just hoping they get smelly and then they'll get marked down. I'd check online though.

  2. I got Docs from an Op shop once, they were green, and it was like 2 months after I bougth my brand new ones.
    Although, I did see docs at the cash converters once.
    And I got some from my sister's boyfriend's friend.
    Look on ebay for second hand ones too.
    But I guss you've done that.
    There's always lots of docs on there.
    good luck.

  3. Cheers for the shout out Hayley, I do love those shoes!
    I ended up at Savers(again)today, I really think we should go together some time. You always find things I want!

  4. Great photos Hayley - although I always think second hand docs look a bit manky and skanky when I see them in op-shops. New ones much better! I hope you find the floral ones you lust after as I think they'd look fabulous on you and the outfits you'd conjure up for them.

  5. those 2nd boots with the buckles are awesome!

  6. woot! go hayley! all those shoes you've scouted are awesome. and i took a lookie at the photos on the website... *thumbs up*

  7. Lost and Found on Smith Street ALWAYS have docs. Everytime I'm there I spend atleast 15 minutes deliberating on whether to buy them but never do. I feel like I should by them new so I can wear them into something...mine. Wow, I'm sentimental about docs.

  8. I've been craving the floral docs as well, and have not had much luck trying to find them cheaper... I'm always scouring the thrifts though, but I did once find the faces pattern in a size to small at a resale shop. If you find a good deal, let a sista know!

  9. I FOUND EM!!!-- I think, depends if you wear a size 10 US or UK; these are size 10 US. AND they're only 29.99 right now! Hope you get this comment before the auction ends in 6 hours (it's 1:10 am eastern time. Yes. I know). On ebay, check out the seller slhdist and the listing is called "dr doc martens boots size 8 uk 10 us women used". good luck!

  10. Oh wow thanks so much Spandexpony. I am a size 10 US and UK 8 (just checked a size converter site) These are perfect. I have asked how much the postage is to Australia so if it isn't much I hopefully will be getting them. Yay!

  11. Come to Ireland. the return fare is about 2 grand A$ but you can pick up excellent docs for about €4 (that is about 18 aussie pesos by today's exchange rate, he he!)

    Lovely blog, I feel all cool and Melbourney reading it (even though I was really from Ballarat and had to run back to Spencer street in the evening to catch the train home after hanging around City Square with Imelda Mike all day. I did buy a fringed suede jacket from Harley Heaven on Elizabeth Street once; but had to sell it after it gave me whiplash.
    (god I am so pathetic, I feel like Grampa Simpson)
    Alannah Hill? I have a dress she did for DAV*D J*nes as a designer defusion line in 1999. I love it anyway but I saw her stuff in Austique in Chelsea and realised it must be worth a BOMB! by now.

    xx lovely lovely blog xx

  12. H, your husbands stealing your look...lol...if he goes blond then you've got cause for concern :)

  13. I quite like beards! I'm always trying to convince my beau to grow one but he always gets bored of it. maybe they can swap sometimes!


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