Friday, July 18, 2008


I bought this t-shirt at a $2 shop on Sydney Road today for $5.99. I bought an XL but now I wish I got a L or M because it's a bit baggy, but in store they seemed so small. I also don't know how to wear it yet, in the above pic I am wearing my 1 and only black skirt underneath the t-shirt, I tried it over the t-shirt but because the skirt is high waisted you could only see the wolfs eyes! Hmmmm. Oh and Henry bought the SAME t-shirt in a size M. We are totally going to end up in the same outfit soon, same hat, t-shirt and glasses. Maybe we should do it 1 night for a party or something as a joke. If we do I promise to take lots of photos of us together.


Thanks to Lady Grey and Imelda I was alerted to the fact that a "designer" called Ebony Eve ripped off this exact T-shirt and sold it for much much more than the $2 shop on Sydney Road.


  1. I have a friend with that tshirt on - i think he might have even bought it from the same place as you!

  2. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! I bought that tee 2 years ago from the $2 shop on Chapel's I am wearing during fashion week!!!!

    Plus I bumped into some chick in Sydney wearing it and I was like 'hey did you buy that from blah, blah' and she said 'no, it's from such and such designer'. So there's Melbourne designer who's ripped -off these $2 shop tee's and claiming the design to be their

  3. oh my I love that t-shirt!!! and it looks really good like this!!

  4. hahahh you and imelda with the EXACT same tee. freaky shit. now you henry and imelda can go to a themed party together.

  5. You and Henry must do some photos a la The Sunday Best. That would be perfection.

  6. aah, that's great, I want one with unicorns on it, you know the kind..

  7. Imelda you a re totally right! ebony eve apparently designed these for her winter collection and they rrp for $80! what the....

  8. Emma: It seems everyone has this t-shirt.

    Imelda: woah small world. So many designers have ripped off these $2 shop t-shirts recently. Alpha60 (as in Alphaville that shop I took you to) probably had something similar, they always seem to be copying $2 shops, they sell the exact same plim soles Henry got at a $2 shop for triple the price!

    Coco: Thanks xoxo

    A Dreamer: That sounds like fun :>

    Couture Carrie: Actually no it doesn't have pockets for some reason I did a retarded no fingers pose.

    Super Kawaii Mama: Yeah that is a good idea. The look so cool. We are thinking about wearing it tonight to this party so if we do I will defiantly have some cool photos to post.

    Gabby: Yeah Unicorns rule. I went to this private primary school for 3 weeks (we became bankrupt just after I started going to that school so my parents couldn't pay the fees....anyway) and the logo was a unicorn. I loved that school.

  9. Heya,
    Haven't commented before, lurk lurk, blah blah. Like the casual tone of yr blog, but got hooked because we have the same hair.
    The wolf deserves comment though - its crazy funny.
    Would be ace with some obnoxious aqua brooch/feather hat accesorization.

  10. lol, oops, I just bought this shirt today.. totally didn't realise that you had it until I got home and looked at it again and thought to myself "gee this really does look a little TOO familiar..."
    And lo and behold, here it is!
    The shop I got it from also had a sweeeeet tiger one.. so going back to get it ^_^


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