Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exciting news but still need some advice.

Ok, well the possibly exciting news is that the editor of MelbourneStreetFashion.com contacted me about possibly taking photo's for their website. The exciting news is I will be paid (not much, but still it's money honey) for my photos. The downside is I will have to close down my Melbourne street fashion blog and loose all creative control and also the copyright to my images (i.e can't publish them somewhere else). They only want 15 photos a week. I sometimes take more than that in an hour (on a good day). Apparently the site gets 7000 hits a month, this blog gets 8000 (why do I only get 2 or 3 comments then?), so it's not really an exposure thing. They said they can get me tickets to fashion week and things like that so that's a major plus.

Please take a look at the website and see what you think. I'm leaning towards doing it and seeing where it takes me. What would you do? Right now the website isn't updated very often at all so maybe with some regular shots the hits will improve and then the exposure will be more significant.

What do you think? Is it worth it? I think so but I just want your opinions.



  1. It sounds tempting, and not bad, however, I find it a pity to have this place to be taken down. I love seeing your picks, and I hope they will not select only a few of your bunch of pictures. It would be major loss. Other than that, I think it definitely will pay for you, and I am sure the work with them will be pleasant enough.

  2. do it do it do it!!!
    it's such a great opportunity you should definitly say yes!

  3. Really, it`s tricky... it depends on your goals with the website. Like, you intend to make some money out of it, then accept their deal and stay "behind the scenes". But if you to be popular and stick to your concept, well, then stick to you website. But let us all know of your decision!!! Love your doggie, btw!! xoxo

  4. I'd be unhappy about losing the copyright to your pictures. That's lame. If it's not about exposure then what is it about? If you get more hits than them keep your photos on your own blog. If the money's not that great keep your artistic integrity. If you work for them you shut down your own blog (which is competition for them) and you bring what makes your blog awesome to their blog. I guess I'm sitting on a no... sorry!

  5. Hmmm, like alline said it all depends on what your goals are and where you see yourself in a few years time. People fashion blog for different reasons - some do it for fun (me) and then there are others who do it for exposure to crack into the fashion industry. If you are in the latter category then maybe this is your break? Just out of interest what came first, your blog or their site?

  6. Hmmmm yeah you all have made good points.

    The_collector: I am not sure when melbournestreetfashion.com started because I can't get it to load on my computer right now but I think it was early 2007. I only started the melb street fashion blog last week. Already though I think I have more pics (and better ones at that). I started taking street photos in 2001 but have only recently started to put them online. Before it was done for my art (I studied fine art photography). I'm thinking I should just change the name of my blog to Fashion Hayley Hits Melbourne Street Fashion or something. I thought Melbourne Street Fashion was a generic term I could use, esp as I thought their site was kinda lame as the photos are crap (heads and feet cut off) and its not updated very often.

    I don't know what to do still. Would you check out their website weekly to see my 15 photos? I'll post a link when they are up. You can comment on the website or on here. I think I'll give it a try for a while and if it doesn't work out I'll go back to making my own street fashion blog but call it something else. I was hoping to do this in Seoul too when I move there so maybe I should have a blog called Fashion Hayley Hits Street Fashion, so it could be anywhere in the world? Hmmm that's a good idea.

    I think I will say yes, do it for the time I'm still here in Melbourne then start my own blog again when I leave. Why not get paid for it for now.

  7. that's so so cool! You should def do it Hayley. I know it sucks not to have the copyrights though, but your photos will still be displayed there and you still will get paid for it, no?

    and yeah doing a new one wen you go to Seoul seems a pretty good idea ;)

  8. Sounds cool.
    But you'd be giving away alot of rights for little cash. If you do take them up on the offer make sure you really know everything you are getting in to. Make sure that when you do leave that you can start up your street fashion blog again ("Fashion Hayley Hits Street Fashion" is a good name btw). What happens to your uni site?

    Saying all that, why not just try it out, it's a good way to get your foot in to the industry. Plus a little extra cash in your pocket can't hurt. See if over time as the site will get more hits that you get more for your photos.

  9. Great oportunity but I agree entirely with what Lady Smaggle wrote. Great Ladies think alike!
    Seriously, they want to envelope you because you are serious competition, and given that you get more hits I would stay independant for a little bit longer. If this is the goal for you- essentially contributing to a fashion site but losing all creative control and independance- then your answer would be yes. If you have bigger plans for the blog then I'd hold off- just because this is the first offer doesn't mean it will be the only one to come your way.
    Melbourne streets can't lose our Hayley to anonimity!

  10. I think you should do it although it sucks majorly that you have to close down your website and you loose a lot of control.
    I think this post if proof that you get more than 2 or 3 comments. lol. Some people might just be lazy to comment.
    In the end, i think there are more perks to taking the job.

  11. no! I'd rather read your stuff here, the only reason I don't comment is cause I just don't have much to say..I've been following your blogs since I saw you in the Spank! girls yaplogs. I love your posts.

  12. It sounds like an awesome oppurtunity. Although losing your creative control is a bit of a bugger. It sounds like the gig would have some really good perks, but you are giving them a lot..I mean in the sense that if you get 8000 hits a month, and people that read your blog know you are taking photos for their website, it will get a lot more traffic. So really, they will be getting a lot from you..great pictures and more readers. Hmmm, ask for more money?

    Btw, I was having coffee in Centre Pl today and I am fairly certain I saw you walk past with a friend who was in blue. Although I wasn't entirely sure because this girl's hair looked different. hmmmm.

  13. email me (or call me) and we can talk about this off-line. I've just been asked to write for another on-line publication and I can give you some pointers.xxxx

  14. i think that the addition of regular streetstyle postings would easily make it a frequently visited site. i browse a crapload of different streetsyle photography websites and frequent updates are a clincher in the sites that i favorite. i think that this would definitely be a great job to experiment with! if you don't like it, move on, but it will be a great experience and something to add to your portfolio.


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