Thursday, July 3, 2008

A weighty issue

Now I don't think I have really spoken about my weight on my blog, but I think its about time I did. Basically I am not a size 8, 10, 12 or even a 14. I am a size 16 (occasional 14 and horror of all horrors a sometimes 18 depending on the store) It doesn't bother me that much, but recently I have put on a little more weight. The reason for this is moving back home to Australia. In Japan I would guess that I lost between 5-10kgs which I have since put back on. I lost the weight easily because of the Japanese lifestyle (riding my bicycle for 1 hour every day to and from work, eating small portions, eating Japanese food etc...) When I first came back home Aussie food portions were all too big, but slowly I became accustomed to it again. I bought a bicycle to ride around Melbourne but it isn't as safe to ride bikes here as it is in Japan so I got scared so I haven't ridden in ages (I've had 2 pretty bad bicycle accidents so my fear is justified, 1 time I broke my arm as a kid and another I almost got run over by a car in Japan, if that accident happened in Australia I would have been run over, no question)

Anyway I have a few friends who also struggle with their weight. I seem to be the only one out of all my "fat" friends who isn't afraid of fashion, who doesn't cover up and hide away. They sometimes ask me where I find my clothes and if I ever shop at big girl clothes shops like Mysize or BigCityChic. Well the answer is I occasionally shop at big girl shops, just not exclusively. The clothes in those shops aren't everyone's taste and often seem to be made for a more mature woman. I think that's the mistake bigger girls make, they don't know where to shop so take the easy route. Well I have some tips.

Tip 1: Learn what shape your body is:

I am lucky because I have a pretty even hourglass figure (almost, my upper half is smaller than my bottom, but not by much) However I have learnt how to use clothes to disguise my lower half and focus on my waist and chest, which are my best features. (Henry would beg to differ, he loves my arse and would say that is my best feature)

Anyway if you look at these photos you will notice a trend:

I always always wear a belt around my waist. Do you see how I don't really look that fat? Its all a visual illusion thanks to a waist belt. If I had the same line over my hips on a pair of pants I would look HUGE (I don't think I could even find a belt that would fit over my hips) but this is the look that I see other women of my size do and as far as I'm concerned its a big No No.

As I said in Japan I as 5-10kgs lighter so I didn't always have to wear a belt. Also because of all the bike riding my legs looked amazing. I now wear this dress with a waist belt, so its not a total loss, but unfortunately my legs aren't as fab anymore.

Yes it has only been 11 months since I came home but I have already gone back to my pre-Japan ways, possibly even worse. I have been a vegetarian for more than 10 years (maybe 14 years or so) and have always eaten pretty healthily, its just the exercise which I don't do. However recently due to Uni, working late and stress I have started eating Junk food. It doesn't help that I live next door to a 7/11 and McDonald's (I eat fillet-o-fish burgers even though I don't eat fish normally, I am definitely stopping this as of now) In Japan 7/11 has healthy soba noodles or salads for less than $3, here its all chips, chocolate and pastry's. Japan has chips but I hated all the flavours and the chocolate portions were tiny (think fun sized) so even junk food wasn't really that fatty/tempting over there. I think my down fall has been time, I'm too busy to cook, too busy to go to the supermarket and too busy to ride my bike.

Tip 2: Know where and how to shop:

This is a tricky one. I know what shops and shapes suit my style and size so I think I have an easy time when it comes to shopping. Basically I have a few "rules"
  1. zips wont fit - Generally if I'm buying a new dress (i.e not at an op shop) and it has a zip it won't fit me. I don't know why or how this works but it saves me a lot of time in shops because I know immediately it won't work for me and then don't try it on.
  2. elastic is fantastic - Elastic is my godsend. If a dress or top or skirt is elasticised or has an elastic waist band (not noticeable mind you, I don't want to look like I'm wearing maternity wear) it will defiantly be ok.
  3. buttons can be moved - Often I find that buttons on tops are just 1cm short of doing up comfortably. That's where having a husband who enjoys sewing comes in handy (I know how lucky am I?) Just move them across and voila a perfect fit.
  4. pants are a no go - I think I've mentioned on here before how I don't own any pants. The last pair I owned was maybe 7 years ago. They just look terrible on me and I can't find any that fit. It can be a little cold (In New York I got wind burn on my legs even though I was wearing 3 pairs of woollen tights, so painful) but for me its worth it to look good.
I'm not saying that these "rules" will be right for all "fat girls" but they work for me. The thing that bothers me is bigger girls seem to get stuck in a rut of tracksuits and jeans and don't seem to try to dress up. I know that they don't want to attract attention to themselves but I think that's a terrible way to live. Honestly I am happy with the way I am (mostly, I don't like that I've suddenly put on weight but I know why it happened and I've stopped doing it now) and I don't feel the need to hide. Fat doesn't equal ugly, even though it can feel like that sometimes with the media and even strangers in the street making comments.

I also know what shops carry what sizes.

Sportsgirl only runs to a size 14 for most clothes but sometimes a small 16, but I haven't bought anything there for 5 years or so.
Big W, Target and Kmart are good for basics and shoes (I have large size 10 feet too which some shops don't carry).
Valleygirl, Tempt and Supre and those types of stores can be ok as long as I follow my "rules".
Alphaville can be good to find dresses (I tried on this amazing one a while ago) but right now I don't have that kind of money.

Basically I shop at op-shops and markets mainly, which is not only good for my wallet but also for the environment i.e no throw away fashion just recycled.

Savers is my number 1 favourite shop. I have a system when I go and can spot a bargain a mile away.

I seem to be the only "fat" fashion blogger and I sometimes want to find people out there like me who can't run off and buy the latest cool AA miniskirt and see how they feel about it. I have never had a problem with my size, it has always been the people around me. People always say to me if I say I'm fat "oh you're not fat" which I think is the stupidest thing to say, like if they don't admit it it will go away. I know they are just being my friends and being nice but why can't I just be honest about it. Although all this being said I think one of the reasons I have never dieted or gone on a fitness regime is because I'm so fine with it. It doesn't help that my husband is so supportive. If I was single would I be skinny? Lol.

Tip 3: Be confident:

Not going to the beach because you are too embarrassed to wear a swimsuit is ridiculous. You have to live your life, not just watch it pass you by. When I was younger I felt more uncomfortable about my body so I used to do just this. Now I'm happy with myself and realise no one cares how I look in my bathers, they just want to swim.

This goes with everything I wear. I dress as fashionable as possible for my size. I know what trends and styles suit me (through a lot of trial and error) and what defiantly wont. So with this knowledge I can be confident and not worry what people think when I'm out because I know I look hot, for a fat girl.

I also know that a lot of people will look at me and think I'm an unhealthy lazy slob. That is somewhat true of me recently, but up until I went back to Uni and was overloaded with homework I was eating super healthy every day and walking everywhere, hence my recent weight gain. I'm on holidays now and me and Henry are back to our normal healthier ways because we have the time. Henry used to say he doesn't know why I am fat and why he isn't. We eat the same food (vegetarian food, and Henry actually eats twice the amount as me) and do the same amount of exercise (hardly any but a lot of walking). Who knows, maybe it's my metabolism, but it's unfair how men can eat and eat and not get fat.

The point of this post was to
a) see if anyone out there is like me or maybe find another "fat" fashion blogger.
b) help people out of their fashion ruts, no matter what size you are you should always try and dress up and be confident.
c) bring up something I have wanted to for a long time.

As a last note I have a question:
Why does the Facehunter and the Satorialist never photograph fat people? Is it because fat people are hiding themselves and not dressing fashionably. I hope that's the answer, that it's not that they don't consider them to be photograph-able just like the rest of the skinny obsessed fashion media. I have photographed a few "fat" girls on the street and put them on here so I'm not part of this crime. I'm just looking at the fashion.

***I also want to thank all my readers for their nice comments and advice. Aus Style was right, I do get a lot of comments. I want to say I appreciate it sooo much, and as of the 5th of July I will be able to comment again on your blogs and read them in full because my internet will be back to normal. Right now I can read some but others wont load at all.

I have decided to take photos for the website and take down my street fashion blog just to see what happens. It could end up being my stepping stone to an exciting career, who knows!


  1. Fashion Hayley, I absolutely love your style and your blog. I've noticed that you haven't mentioned your weight but I just thought, "well with her confidence, why should she?". I'm currently working on a Body Image campaign for an NGO in Singapore and I just wanted to say you epitomize everything I wanted to talk about in the presentation: a higher weight doesn't mean lower quality of life, confidence is the sexiest thing you can have, etc...

    Thanks for your positive message basically, and for the sake of all the folks who are tired of the 90lb fashionistas out there, don't stop blogging.

    alison (

    ps. glamcanyon has more interesting style than facehunter and the sartorialist, plus has a range of body types. check it out.

  2. H, absolutely brilliant advise and I can speak from personal experiance - you always look fierce!

  3. wow an amazing post Hayley! I loved reading every line of it. and woah guess what I am shivering now... dunno why maybe it's just my hungover!

    I think you have an abs amazing sense of fashion and I adore your outfits.

    Me I ain't skinny at all... not so fat either but I hate my body.. doesn't stop me from wearing cool clothes though cause I learned to ignore ppl.

    I am currently dieting and working out and I hope to loose some kilos I just can't stand myself like this anymore. bla

    aswell everybody in my family is skinny and can eat what they want I'm like the black sheep haha!

    Anyway thanks alot for this post really inspiring!


  4. all that check!! i love your style :]]
    i never knew weight loss/gain differed from country to country.. i came to japan and gained 10 kg! thats probly because of all the good food :P im actually moving to italy next-- ahh

  5. yay thank you so much for this! i also noticed that there are very few bigger girls blogging about fashion and it has always seemed ridiculous to me- i think that some trends look better on curves! you always look so well put together and i really hope that other girls are inspired by your example!

  6. Japan was the best place for me to lose weight, wish I was there now. I didn't even eat that healthy, but maybe the 8hrs a day walking helped. I’ve put on my weight I lost, mostly from eating things I haven’t eaten in years like vanilla slices, all thanks to my nephew’s accident.

    Plus size clothing at shops like city chic and mysize are mostly gross tents and over priced for poorly made clothes. City chic is getting a little more in the fashion trends and is way nicer then mysize, but they cost a fortune and like I said they are really poorly made and tend to fall apart easy. Oh and don’t get me started on how bad target plus size is.

    Personally I think that plus size fashion designers and in fact all designers are lazy when it comes to designing clothes for fat girls. All they do is stick to the same old fashion view that most plus size women are old suburbans who like wearing ugly tents with disgusting patterns and boot leg/wide leg jeans. It is a whole lot easier to design clothes on a smaller frame.

    I do admire your fashion style and how you don’t care about the way your body looks.

    As I have gotten older I love my shape more then when I was a teenager, I have a lot going for myself in the curves department and sometimes I catch a good angle in the mirror and think man I’m fucking beautiful.

    Unfortunately I am not a confident shopper (or person really); I know what works with my body and can usually tell if something’s going to fit be just by looking at it but a few embarrassing memories as a fat teen trying on clothes and nasty looks from shop assistants, became very soul crushing. So now days when I do have money to spend on clothes (which is rare now days), I tend to want to just grab whatever I can and run out.

    Sorry for the long comment. Couldn’t help myself.

  7. oooh forgot to say congrats on deciding to take the photo job. Good luck and I really hope it works out for you.

  8. amazing post Hayley! I really like what you're saying, that's some really good advice! n I also like how you dress up to take focus away from your body and more on your clothes, that's usually the big mistake many big girls do when dressing up!

    Btw you can check the illustration, i've already posted it on my blog ;)

  9. What you say is true - there are fewer bigger girls who blog. This is sad and perhaps because society tries to make people who are bigger feel as though they are ugly and not worth it. Which is just a way to sell more gym memberships and diet pills.

    When I first came to this blog, I did think that you were a bigger girl. But you work it.

    Honestly, your tips are so great. I have a bunch of larger friends who always complain that they could never be 'fashionable' or 'trendy' like me. Which is stupid. You prove that. All being stylish is about is confidence, which you have in bucketloads. I'm definately going to tell my friends about these tips and show them how great you look and hopefully they'll stop being so scared to be themselves.

    Thank you and I hope you realise how much of a role model you are.

    *Sorry about the massive comment, but I feel super strongly about things such as age, weight etc affecting how we express ourselves.

  10. This post is amazing, and so are you.
    You are one of my favorite bloggers; partly because of your fabulous style, but also because you are bigger and not unhappy about it, which makes you different to about 97% of other bloggers, and therefore alot more interesting/unique.
    I'm a fairly average size, but i do have things I don't like about my body which I'm gradually learning to accept how they are (its either accept or change, and I'm way too lazy lol).
    I think that that is what everyone should do - instead of obsessing and being depressed about their bodies, they should get to know them better and have some style "rules" for themselves.

    Thanks so much for this post - its really inspirational and I think ALOT of people out there will get alot out of it.

    Also, good luck on the street style site!!

  11. Hayley, I am fat myself and I love your blog! You are truly inspirational, as, you're right, there really aren't any other plus size bloggers out there that I'm aware of. I'm totally going to try to steal your belted look-I love it! It's feminine, flattering and gives great lines to all of your outfits. Keep up the awesome blogging. Btw, how was it being a bigger person in Japan? I've always wanted to go there as I'm obsessed with Japanese culture, but it seems like it'd be difficult to find clothes there? What are people's attitudes there?

  12. this post was amazing and eye-opening. thank you for posting it and having such a great style blog. i really enjoy it!

  13. There are other fatshion bloggers out there. IME they are associated with HAES. Check out I read other fatshion blogs too. So you're not the only one. There are lots of fat chicks rocking fashion.

  14. I love your self confidence! As for looking for another fat girl blogger I have actually been debating as to whether or not to blog. I made a blog but have yet to really post anything because I felt that no one would care or want to see things I had to post. After reading this I might just actually start up the blog like I intended to! Thank You for the inspiring post.

  15. FANTASTIC post, and you look absolutely gorgeous and unique in all your outfits. Bravo!

  16. Hi hayley-
    I noticed you never really spoke about your weight but i figured that's cause you were totally comfortable with it... and i'm right!
    Yeh, i also noticed your usual belt and tights combo. You always look fantastic in what you wear. Your clothes definitely speak louder than the ones at big city chic etc.
    I don't think anyone has ever given you any negativity about your weight on this blog right?
    I'm sure you'll inspire big girls to dress up a bit. I agree, the big girls all wear dowdy clothes that hide things. I find that alot of style tips in magazines etc tell the big girls to wear dark colours and boring-ish clothes and say to stay away from bright colours/ prove them wrong. :)

  17. i came across your blog a few weeks ago. im very impressed by this post. i hate abreviations like "BBW" and i absolutely loath stores like big city chick... im a size 16! why does that mean i have to dress like a freakin mormon!

    also. its refreshing to hear you mention your husband, henry! u seem to have a very close and fun relationship, especially to be married at your age. good luck to you ;)

  18. Hayley,
    What a fantastic, constructive, honest post. I love it! As a woman of substance, I've been looking for the voice of fatshionistas online too... and there's quite a community. has funny funny contributors and a blogroll worth exploring. is an amazing community I've found in the last few days. Check out the outfit of the day posts for proof fat girls (and guys) are rocking their look, definitely not dowdy. I've starting snapping my ootd as of yesterday as a result!
    And is my latest find, I was reading this until very very late.

    The existence of the self-accepting, empowering fashion forward fatosphere just delights me more than I can say. So I have to share the love! Enjoy.

    PS: I buy a LOT of fashionable big sized clothing online. It's out there!

  19. Top notch post Hayley. Your tips are excellent and you have really got dressing down to a fine art. You are correct though in saying that it seems many bigger girls just give up in the fashion stakes, because it is harder to just walk in and find something you like that fits. (You may remember our conversation about my earlier woes with this). But you stay true to your own aesthetic and chances are that even were you smaller, your style would still have the same flavour.
    I do love that photo of you in the black dress, (I've never seen your legs before!) and you look amazing!

  20. fanTASTIC post, and i completely agree with you about websites like the sartorialist. it's such bs i think. i mean, you're in a city of what - like, 10 million people, right - and in a country where over 50% of the people are overweight... but somehow, you don't see people featured with an OUNCE of muscle or fat on them. for goodnesses sake!!

    people need to start living in the real world, where size 14 people like myself are THE AV-ER-AGE! not the outliers, but the frigging CENTRE of the damn bell curve!!

    *blush* sorry about my little rant, but i just wanted to say that i think you're an inspiration. lots and lots and LOTS of love <3

  21. go fashion hayley! you are fucking amazing!!!

    love pam power xoxo

    ps. when i go back to uni, we should get together for a fillet-o-fish, haha

  22. looks, words and blogs can be very deceiving...

  23. I second Nessje's comment - the Fatshionista community is amazing!

    I'm also a big fan (not trying to be punny :-) of:

  24. Hi Hayley! i really love your blog! i read about it from gala darling. I think your style is amazing! and also i think your apartment looks so great, i think this is the frist blog that i've read that is realistic, i mean, lots of blogs have girls wearing this amazing (but expensive) clothes, and you prove that if you want you can wear cool stuff for less money. Sorry if my english is crappy :P

    Greetings from Mexico!

  25. Wow thank you all for your nice positive comments. I didn't expect this at all. I want to be able to reply to everyone's comment but that will take forever.

    Alison: Wow thanks for the Glamcanyon tip, I had a look and on the 1st page was a friend of mine who has moved to London to perform (she is a hula hoop/trapeze artist extraordinaire) She is at the new boombox party in the black and white top. Yay, I miss her.

    Katie: In Japan it was very hard to find clothes and especially shoes that fit me. Shoes generally come in 3 sizes S, M and L and occasionally LL which would sometimes fit me. Clothes wise it was hard to find stuff at first but then I realised what shops have what and it got a bit easier. The thing about Japanese fashion is that its all very loose, no one wears tight clothes like we do in the west, so you can find a dress that on a Japanese girl would be loose and baggy and on me it would fit how I want it to. Also as a lot (actually all, Japan has no charity shops and everyone just throws away their old clothes, so there is no vintage Japanese clothes) of the vintage clothes are sourced from the USA they would fit me too. In my year in Japan I bought 4 dresses, 1 Jacket, 2 pairs of shoes and 4 or 5 tops. Not much at all considering how much I buy here. I just bought new accessories to jazz up my outfits. Also I actually felt more comfortable and accepted in Japan then I do here. I think its because they kinda expect a Westerner to be fat so its not a big deal to them, its just how I am meant to be. My students would always tell me I'm beautiful (I taught adults by the way not children) and people on the street would too, I certainly get strangers telling me that here.

    a_dreamer: I do get comments sometimes from people saying "your fat and ugly you shouldn't blog blah blah blah" but I don't publish them. It can be very hurtful, but compared to the ton of positive comments I get it's only minor.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips about big girl fashion bloggers, I'll be adding them to my blogroll as soon as my net is back up to speed (meant to be today but still hasn't happened! grrrr)

    I also forgot to address the size issue, where every store has a different size 14, and also that a lot of stores just cut big girls out completely (Dotti and Bardot are the worst for even finding a 14, they seem to stop at a size 10!!!)

    Anyway thanks everyone, I seem to have struck a nerve and I hope I helped some people out of their ruts.

    love Fashion Hayley

  26. I know you're only speaking from your experience, but I'm disappointed that you're coming from the assumption that 'all' bigger girls are ashamed of their bodies and thus dress to hide themselves! I know I don't, and I am acquainted with many others who love to present themselves to the world as stylish, well-dressed plus-sized women!

    Otherwise, thank you for addressing the issue, although I would recommend shopping any and everywhere that makes clothing you can fit into: there's no point being snobbish about stores such as City Chic or My Size. They're definitely not the style or quality that I enjoy in my day-to-day life, but I have found a couple of gems in these stores which I would not be without! :)

  27. Jessica: I didn't mean that all plus sized women hide themselves and don't dress stylishly. I do know a few that do but I know more who don't. It was just from my experience both in life and in the fashion blogging world.

    Also I realised too that for some women the only stores that carry their size are plus sized stores and if that's the case I'm all for shopping there, it's not terrible, they do have some trendy items. For me though there is no need to shop there, most other stores carry a 16 and the few times I have been into CityChic the clothes were too big for me around the bust which is not where I'm plus sized. I guess for me it is easy to say never shop there but when its the only option I can see how my statement can hurt. Sometimes I do look in the shop window and think some of it is actually nice. I think the main problem for me with those stores is the price. If you look through my blog you will see I don't pay more than maybe $20 for a dress.

  28. I really love this post!
    Finally someone (you!) in the blog world has come out and said its not about your weight but your shape. Yes yes trinny and susannah can scream it all they like but it doesnt seem to sink in to some bloggers heads does it?
    Congratulations Hayley!
    Also, you look really great in the 3rd picture, asbsolutely fab :)

    ooh ps- ive tagged you ;)

  29. Hey Hayley,

    I wrote a long reply and lost it! Agh! Anyway what I said was.. I have been yoyoing all my life and am plus size. I shop in plus size designer stores like Marina Rinaldi, Anna Scholz, Elena Miro etc. I do love fashion and dress well, but would prefer to be my healthy size. I started blogging and adding pictures of 'my fashion' but then decided to take it off.. I have just finished my MA degree and have decided to spend my summer at the gym. It has been 2 months and I have lost over 35cms on my waist, have toned arms and legs. I train with a personal trainer (she's an athlete- sprinter) 1-2 times a day, 5 days a week. plus tennis and kick boxing twice a week. I can feel my six pack its amazing.
    My goal is (I go to Tokyo every December), is to reach my goal for then. I am tired of just buying shoes and bags when i'm there. I may add the pictures later tonight. They will be on the site London Rain. I don't look big as I have a thin face and am pear shaped. Also small boned and only 5'3!! But i need to lose half my body. I think its great that you are happy with your body and I wish I could be, but I have had weight issues all my life. Dieting from the age of 8.
    I do like your blog and love reading what you're upto since we have similar interests. Anyway... I gotta run for my manicure/pedicure appointment. Best wishes from London X

  30. I LOOOOOOVE the tartan capelet/mustard tunic outfit the best!

    Also, have you ever seen this fabulous woman ? I think she's great.

  31. Scarlett, I was thinking the same thing. The mustard with the poncho and the tartan are my fav too.

  32. I LOVE you!! (Just found you through Gala Darling).

    And hey, I'm a fat fashion blogger too, haha. I swear to god, you and I are the only ones. We're rare cuddly gems. I also share the same dress and shoe size as you, oddly enough..

    So glad I found your blog, m'lady! Keep up the fat-tastic work, haha.

    Big love,

    Oh! And I've noticed Facehunter and the Satorialist only post pics of skinny and good-looking ppl, too. It's a shame there's no overweight ppl or even ppl with disabilities... grrr.

  33. I wish I could edit my previous comments because there are a few spelling errors and typos. I meant to say

    I certainly DON'T get strangers telling me that here.

    I seem to have struck a CHORD not nerve.

    Probably a lot more. I need to really edit my posts and comments a lot more than I do. I always have typos but I don't notice them at first.

    London Girl: Now you are an inspiration. Losing 35cm is AMAZING, go girl. I must say I wish I could have your determination. 1 of the reasons I want to move back to Japan is because I loose weight naturally without thinking. I am happy how I am because I know I can't change, I am eating the best I can but I am surrounded by temptation everywhere, unless the change is forced, like it was in Japan. It was great living in a country where I don't like the taste of the junk food, there was no temptation. I am happy how I am, but you know if I loose a little by accident I can be happier. I hope that you do put up your photos, I'm sure it will make you feel better because you will receive so many nice comments (maybe 1 bad comment but even "skinny" bloggers get those) Keep up the amazing work.

    Ivy: It would be great to see your blog. Do you have a link?

  34. Thanks Hayley,
    I posted some pictures on
    I'll be interested to see what you think..

  35. Nice post. It's inspiring to me to see anyone (regardless of size) who can shop on a realistic and look good. i've just started putting photos of myself on my blog, and it's really helping me notice my personal trends and encouraging me to look good all the time, which is fun. keep up the good work!

  36. thanks for the post hayley. i too am also a curvy fashion blogger (i'm a 12-14 which really isn't that big at all but considering the minute proportions of other bloggers, definitely a fatso!). I'm ok with it also and love finding blogs of women of different shapes and sizes - it's so inspiring and grounding! keep it up

  37. just moved some buttons :)

    thank you!

  38. Fantastic post. I agree with you that confidence is the number one asset, and all else follows. One of things I like best about fashion blogs is the variety of shapes and sizes.

  39. Great post! you are an inspiration to larger size women, that being said i never noticed this until you mentioned it. Because regardless of shape, if you have style I think you can look really good. Anyhow your third outfit from the top really suits you.

  40. You, my dear, are a positively brilliant blogger.
    Kudos to addressing an issue that almost NEVER gets addressed in the blogging community.

    I too, have suffered at the hands of clothes sized for 'fashionable' weights.....I've even ended up STUCK in clothes in dressing rooms.

    Is it alright if I link to this post on my blog? You've expressed my feelings on the subject much more eloquently than I've been able too.

  41. Annie: Thank you. I have also been stuck in clothes in change rooms, once in Japan when I actually had to call the sales assistant over to get me out, what made it even more demeaning though is how in Japan when you try on clothes you have to wear this paper bag over your head so you don't get makeup on the item. So she was pulling me out of the dress and I was trying to keep this bag on my head. Ahhhh one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I left the shop in tears. That's why my rules help me, now that won't happen again. You certainly can use this post on your blog if you like. Cheers.

  42. I just found your blog through a link on I Spy, Thrift Eye, and I think your style, photography and writing are spot-on. I'm goign to share your blog with my sister in law, who is gorgeous but unhappy with her size - nevertheless, she loves fashion and has great style. It is great that you show that not being a magazine size is not antithical to having smashing good looks.

  43. i think curves are gorgeous! and you have plenty! I WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT :D

  44. Did u bought ur bag on the picture 7 ..from heavenark? is cute love it

  45. You're style is awesome, regardless of your size! =D Very good post too.

  46. There is nothing wrong with being a girl with curves.

    You look great just the way you are.

  47. today. i was feeling pretty damm horrible about myself.

    last night my grandmother who i havent seen in 5 years told me infront of my boyfriend " you used to be pretty until the fat go to you"

    and even though i sew my own clothes. am fashionable ( everyone i met says it)
    i felt like utter crap.

    seeing your blog today made me smile.


    i should be damm proud of my curves

  48. Someone on the frankie magazine forum linked to this post in one of the threads about plus-size fashion... and I just wanted to say THANKS so much for such an inspirational article! I've always been pretty average in size, but over the last few years I've gained quite a bit of weight (used to be a 8, then went to 10-12, and now I'm a 14) and have struggled to adjust my wardrobe. This helped a lot! Thanks a bunch!

    Oh and you're from Melbourne too! That's a bonus!

    I'm totally adding your blog to my reader :D

  49. Hey I stumbled upon your page and guess what I am a plus size girl too but, I shop at plus size stores and I think you have got the wrong idea about them. My Favorite store that has hot clothing is Torrid. I love how they size there clothing because that is the only store I am a size 0-1. LOL! You should check out there website.

  50. Hey Hayley!

    It's so great to see this!!

    I was about to google this when I saw a link to your page. I'm a NZ size 14, and I work at supre. I have so many girls coming up to me every day asking how I can work there coz I'm too fat.

    It's awesome to be able to read how to dress for our size. I'm just starting to get into thrifting, and just little things you've said means I can now go back and get those cool dresses coz I know how to make them look good on me!

    Thank you!!

    Sara :) (

  51. awesomeness... love ur blog and loving the stylin and confidence! im fifteen... im bigger than most chicks at my age (12, 14) but lovin the curves!! thankx 4 tha tips!!!! :)


  52. Just found this old post and your blog- :) I love it!
    I'm a size 14-16 and just starting my own fashion blog . I was "scared" of fashion for awhile, especially seeing all the tiny fashion bloggers.
    I love my shape - i have boobie and hips :)... just a little more then most girls.
    Great Post!

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  54. Hi Hayley. I am absolutely horrified by Daniel Dykes comments in relation to the size of the female anti fur protestors, I believe certain fasion designers also made comments. I believe those rediculous comments were only made because the likes of Mr Dykes, a well known fur lover, wanted to take the focus off fur. I think his silly comments which were 'fat pigs' will haunt him forever as the average size Australian woman is not a 6 or even a size 8 or 10. What a silly little man he is to attack the weight of the average woman, hmmm like to see him get himself out of that one. I love that you just get out there amongst these designers who appear to attack the same women who by their designs. Calling women who are not a size, 6 or even a size 8 will truly offend the average woman. They should come out and apolagise for their comments.


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