Saturday, July 12, 2008

An award

Lady Smaggle from Smaggle Style has given me the Brillante Weblog Premio-2008 award for being "pretty much the most awesome looking person in the universe". Well thank you Lady Smaggle you aren't too bad yourself :>

Here are the rules for passing on the award
1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from.
3) Give it to 7 blogs
4)… link to those 7 blogs
5)…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

Ahhhh 7 bloggers
, this is so hard because I love so many blogs. Ok here goes.

Aus Style:
I give this award to A Dreamer for being mature and chic beyond her years.
Diary of a Fashion Faker:
I give this award to Fashion Fake for being such a good bargain hunter and also for sharing her backyard with fighting kangaroos.
Super Kawaii Mama:
The Kawaii Mama gets this award for always being so glamorous even though she is a very busy mother. She shows us you don't have to ever wear tracksuits to pick up your kids from school.
Oh la la, que c'est beau:
Gets the award for being a super talented artist.
Matt gets the award for being one of the funniest fashion bloggers out there.
A cup of Tea:
Tea gets the award because she is one of my new favourite bloggers because she is so stylish and hip (in person too).
Skylark and Son:
I give this award to her for her amazing op shop skills and her amazing hair, I love it.

Yay, Thanks so much Laddy Smaggle, I had a lot of fun doing this. :>


  1. Aw shucks, thanks Hayley! :)

  2. No worries love! You're a fabulous piece of work.

  3. Aw shucks times ten! Thanks Hayley (and my hair can always use the compliments, it gets quite unruly without them)!

  4. aww that's sweet! thanks :)

  5. Thank you Hayley. I'm so flattered that you thought of me and to be included in such wonderful company.

  6. I humbled xxx ps any word on the thingy we spoke about ?

  7. aw thanks hayley. ... i know, i'm such a granny. :P


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