Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ebay items

We just had a routine inspection of our rental property. That's why I haven't been blogging as much, we have been very busy madly cleaning and removing all signs of our dog as we are not allowed to have a dog, are you allowed a dog at any rental? Anyway it went well, the owner said the reason he bought the apartment was because of the way we decorated :> (It went up for sale while we lived here, another time of intense cleanliness, luckily back then we didn't have the dog) which was nice to know. Maybe we helped improve the price? I think that's a good sign, if we did ever buy a place and do it over it will probably sell. Maybe I can become an interior decorator? and help people looking to sell improve their sale price? Who knows, lol.

Sorry I went off on a tangent there. Anyway my point was as we had cleaned up I finally tidied up and cleared out my closet. Now I am now going to try to sell off some clothes and shoes I no longer wear on ebay. I have done this in the past but never really made much money but maybe this time will be different? Who knows. My sister modelled for me (thanks Eb's) which was fun.

Here is some of the stuff for sale: (some of the photos are blurry, sorry but we couldn't be bothered re-shooting, she had 12 outfit changes and was getting tired, honestly being a model is hard work!)

Black high heel pumps with white bow bought at a vintage shop in New York. Way too high a heel for me sadly.

70's or maybe 90's Clogs. A size 10 but a little too big for me.

Red check summer dress with cute pockets.

60's mod shift dress bought at a vintage store years and years ago and it sadly doesn't fit me anymore. The tag says size 12.

Floral dress which says size 20 but we think it's more a 14-16.

PLEASE Check out all my auctions
(12 in total, but right now it only shows 3, ebay is so slow somtimes)

If any of my readers win any of the items just message me on ebay and mention my blog for a 10% discount off the final price. Yay :>:>:>


  1. oh i love the first dress.. It's so cute and perfect for summer! y r u selling it?

  2. Hey V. I love the dress too but I never wore it because of the thin straps, I'm too self conscious of my arms. I tried to wear a t-shirt underneath but it looked terrible. It deserves to be worn, plus I need money!

    WHY can I still only see 3 items for sale when I have listed 12? Stupid ebay. I know they are there, they are on my MyEbay page, but they don't appear under items for sale by Fashion_Hayley. Annoying!

  3. Good luck with your auctions - lots of cute goodies there! Rental inspections are such a pain when you have unauthorised pets - we have to hide our cat in his carrier in next door's backyard every time we have an inspection and then just pretend we can't hear the enraged yowling while the property manager is there.

  4. Mmmm, black and white heels are right up my alley, pity they don't fit me!
    p.s- hung out at Savers over the weekend, thought of you!

  5. oh hayley great items! but I'm not an ebay buyer hehe... just cause I am always broke! haha

    oh and hey I just noticed I am linked from ur site ^^ I never noticed lol

    anyway "oranges are made out of orange juice" was the old name would you mind changin it into "everything you do is a balloon"?

    thanks hun <3

  6. you would be an awesome interior decorator - i love the pics of your place and also remember a while back when you did the christmas decorations!!! and congrats for passing this semester! xx


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