Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tree of Happiness

I've been awarded a "Tree of happiness" from the super nice Fashion faker. Now I have to tell you all 6 things that make me happy, which is a little hard for me for some reason even though I am a happy person (mostly)

Here are my 6 things that make me happy.
  1. Henry, Hachiko and my family and friends. It probably goes without saying that these people (plus 1 dog) would make the list. They are all so important to me and make me happy every day (well sometimes not so much but we always make up in the end).
  2. Fashion makes me happy. Thinking about fashion, looking at street fashion, reading fashion magazines and blogs and even sometimes making my own clothes. I guess what mainly interests me about fashion is how it expresses your personality, that its a creative outlet that can reach almost everyone.
  3. 90's dance music. This just puts me into the happiest hyper silly mood ever.
  4. My apartment makes me happy. I love sitting in it and looking around at all my cute mementos and nick nacks. I am very house proud.
  5. Japan. I love that I got to live my dream, not everyone gets to do that in their lives so I am proud of my achievement. However this "happy" thing also makes me sad because I miss it so much. It's all a little conflicting really, when I'm having a happy memory about Japan all of a sudden I will be sad about the same memory because I'm no longer there. I wish I could just be happy about it without the sadness but I guess that's the nature of memories, there is always that tinge of wistful nostalgia about the good ol' days even when its a happy memory. But mostly it makes me very happy.
  6. Jaffas. I love these red orange chocolate balls so much. Can you get them overseas? You can't get them in Japan so I brought over a few bags. They do give me a headache if I eat too many though.

Ok so now I have to pass this on to 6 bloggers that make me happy.

Skylark and Son: A new blog find and a fellow Aussie. Totally amazing cheap and chic fashion and you all know cheap makes me happy.
A cup of Tea: I had the pleasure of meeting Tea on the streets of Melbourne doing a street fashion shoot and I must say she is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog.
Imelda: Matt is so nice he has made my day on a few occasions now (thanks again for the pink shoes xoxo)
Super Kawaii Mama: Lovely in person. Reading her blog makes me feel like getting all dolled up.
Teapots and Typewriters: My sisters blog, she has only done 1 post so far so maybe this will encourage her to do some more?
Oh la la, que c'est beau: She made me really happy recently with a beautiful drawing of one of my outfits.


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