Saturday, June 14, 2008

What to wear when in Tokyo, New York, Tahiti and Scotland

I've been thinking about travelling a lot recently, and for me one of the best parts about traveling is planning the outfits that I am going to wear. Here are some of my ideas for what I would wear if I got the chance to re-visit one of these fab places.

What to wear in Tokyo: In Tokyo anything goes, you can mix and match patterns and colours without worrying you look crazy, because believe me you will see some crazy fashion in this city! It's really important to wear COMFORTABLE shoes in this city because you will do A LOT of walking. Taxi's are not cheap in Tokyo, but trains are, so you will most likely be walking up and down lots of stairs in huge crowds, so be sure to break in your new Doc's before you leave home.
  • Mercibeacoup floral dress: Wear some local designer clothes so you fit in.
  • Peace necklace: Statement necklaces are huge in Japan. If you want to buy one in Japan go to Paris Kids in Takeshitta Dori, Harajuku where everything is 315Yen or about $3.15 AUD.
  • Jodhpurs: You don't want to end up on any "up skirting" websites so make sure you cover your butt (Honestly Japan is full of weirdo's, we saw this happen a few times, this is also why there are "Women only carriages" on the trains!!!)
  • Floral Docs: Big boots are all the rage right now in Tokyo, wear them only half laced up.
  • Leather Biker Jacket: Bring a little hard core to your look so you don't look too "Maid style"
  • Red Beret: Japan is full of cute (kawaii) hats so buy one when your over there.
  • Engrish bag: Another thing that there is plenty of in Japan. Buy one for yourself and all of your friends, they only cost about $1-$3.
Don't forget to bring a camera, you will want to take a photo of EVERYTHING you see.
Oh and in the above photo you can see one of the 3 Nova's I worked at in Shinjuku. We called it Shinjuku Higashi Nova. (Higashi is Japanese for east? or west? or north? or south? I forget, lol) I can't believe Nova closed down just as I left, so crazy, but that's a whole long story for another time perhaps.

What to wear in New York: New York is like Melbourne, there is a lot of black and people like to look classic and chic.

  • Alexander Wang playsuit: Again I would recommend wearing a local designer. Try to buy this in New York where it could possibly be cheaper.
  • Wooden necklace: A nice statement piece without being too showy (You don't want to get mugged, lol)
  • Star leggings: A homage to the American flag on your legs.
  • Zu motorcycle boots: Only wear these when you know you will be taking a cab, these will kill you on the subway because of all those stairs.
  • Wayfarers: So you can actually see the bright lights of Times Square, not just a blur.
  • Straw hat: It's summer in NYC right now, so be sure to protect your head. A timeless classic design will go with everything you have packed.
  • Leather fringed vest: Put this over the playsuit to go from day to night so you can party at Misshapes all night.
  • Brown satchel: Carry your maps and camera in style.
I wish I wore this when I was in New York...oh well fashions change, but honestly am I the only person who cringes over what they wore last month, last year etc? I thought the cringe should only begin 10 years later, not 10 days.

What to wear in Tahiti: They speak French in Tahiti so dress classic French Riverina style with lots of stripes and red, black and white.

  • Red one piece: A one piece is a classic, but make it more exciting in bold red and in a daring cut.
  • Espadrilles: Classic and timeless French beach wedge. Makes your legs look amazing.
  • Red and white stripe towel: Your hotel should provide you with one of these, ahhh so soft.
  • Beach hat: In black, or red depending on your mood.
  • Round Sunnies: In black or white for a classic look.
  • Black and white stripped beach bag: Very handy and chic at the same time.
  • Magazine: Sit down by the beach and relax.
  • Red coverall: Wear this from the beach to the bar, to the market and then back.
Honestly I loved Tahiti. I wish I could go back and explore all of the islands. The problem is Tahiti is super super expensive ($10 for a can of coke) so you have to be rich to go there, hence its full of celebrities.

What to wear in Scotland: People always ask me "why did you go to Scotland?", its not exactly a fashion capital, but Scotland is very beautiful. Edinburgh is meant to be the most beautiful city in all of Europe, and I would have to agree...even if it is the only European city I have been to, lol.

  • Vintage dress: You could probably find something like this in the amazing op shops over there.
  • Floral thermal leggings: It is FREEZING in Scotland in Winter, so don't even think about wearing this then. This is more of a Summer outfit.
  • White Docs: Your going to be doing a lot of walking and hiking so you need a good quality boot that is both fashionable and practical.
  • Hat: Most of the heat in your body leaves through your head, and you need all the heat you can get in Scotland.
  • Tartan Jacket: A homage to the kilt.
  • Gloves: Its freaking cold people.
  • Wayfarers: You want to see the castle's properly.
  • Scarf: A cool scarf that can keep you warm as well.
  • Red bag: Carry extra jumpers in here for when you feel its getting even colder.
Ok so maybe Scotland isn't that cold in Summer, but yeah it isn't that hot either. The photo is from a town called St Andrews, which is the town that I stayed in. It is so beautiful and so very different to what I'm used to in Australia. I really want to go back to Scotland.


  1. gosh- you've travelled quite a bit neh?
    I'm loving all the outfits you've created ..but I'm being kinda biased and I'm gonna say that the Tokyo one is my fave.

  2. hiya, I'm confused LOL! Are you Australian who lived in Scotland and loves japan?
    I love the japan outfit and the Tahiti nautical style!
    By the way, I also love the banner picture on the top of your blog!

  3. scotland sounds love to go there

  4. Claudia&Frankie: Lol, I Lived in Tokyo,Japan last year for 1 year, and went on holiday to Scotland. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks about the banner, they are all photos I took for my Melbourne Street Fashion website, the link for which is on my sidebar.
    Yumiko: Scotland is lovely....but Japan is better, lol. Shhhhh

  5. First class post Hayley! I love the Scotland outfit, that Tartan jacket would be perfectly at home in my wardrobe. The Tokyo tips are brilliant too. I can tell I will have to pick you brain before I head over in October. I never thought about the 'up-skirting' thing which could be quite an issue for me.

  6. Wow Kawaii Mama your going to Japan, I'm so jealous, but I can defiantly help you with lots and lots of tips, especially for Vintage shopping (There are no op shops in Japan, charity isn't really very popular, but they have great vintage stores with clothes sourced from the USA and Germany mainly)


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