Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have no Seoul. I've made a Korea of it.

I am hopefully moving to Seoul, South Korea on a student exchange for 6 months as of January. I say hopefully because I'm still filling in and stressing over all the forms I have to fill out. Its a big decision to move to another country, and I forgot how stressful all the logistics can be. I hate forms as it is, but these are crazy, I need to choose my subjects now, but the website for the Uni I am going to has very confusing English, so I'm not sure what subjects are actually offered in seems that maybe only learning English is in English....great that's helpful. I have until June 30 to fill in the forms, but I want to give it to them by Wednesday the 18th just so its in a little early, to be on their good side. Plus now I'm not sure that the exchange office at my uni is open right now because its the holidays, but surely if the deadline is the 30th they will be open until then? Ahhhh I could have had all this done ages ago if only the head of my department didn't go to Malaysia without notice for the last 2 weeks of the about annoying.

Well there are so many more stresses to go with the choosing which Uni I want to go to out of my 2 choices. 1 is right in the cool, hip part of Seoul, and the other is 30 minutes away in the countryside. At 1st I thought, wow for sure I will choose the city school, but I have since learnt the subject choice isn't very interesting, and it costs a lot of money to go there, even with my $9000-$16000 scholarship. On the other hand the country uni has some good subjects but the best thing is everything is FREE, my airfare is paid for, my accommodation in the dorm is free, my food is free plus is get $160 a week allowance and also the full scholarship of $9000-$16000 depending (which I also get at the city uni, but I have to actually spend it there...) Oh and at the country uni there is a live in seamstress in the dorms...yay free button repair and tailoring. So I think my choice is made, live in the country (for the 1st time in my life) but visit the city A LOT and also visit Tokyo and maybe even Hong Kong because I'll be pretty rich what with free food and accommodation plus $160 a week, that's more money than what I have now after rent and food. Yay.

So to get my mind of all the stresses I have been searching Seoul Street Fashion at yourboyhood

Did you recognise Kim Daul the model in a few of the shots, incl the last shot? Well she has her own blog too: I like to fork myself which I love to read to get some South Korean inspiration.

I really like a lot of the looks. It seems more subdued street fashion then Tokyo, but still really interesting and amazing. I think a lot of the looks are more wearable for me then the Tokyo styles, so hopefully I can spend some of that extra money on some new amazing clothes. Yay, I can't wait...all I need to do is finish filling in these forms and then wait until January to be over there, not long at all.


  1. that's soo cool! Congrats on the scholarship btw ;)

  2. i like seoul and my korean friends, their style is really cool I must admit.
    daul = love

    gosh i need to sleep

  3. how exciting! is your husband going with you?

  4. Margherita: Thanks...There will be more like it when I actually do live there.
    V: Yeah I'm beyond excited.
    Coco: Yeah all the Koreans I know have good style too. Go to bed girl, get your beauty sleep!
    Lady Grey: Henry isn't coming at 1st, but he will come and visit and see how long he can stay, which I think is 90 days on a tourist Visa, but he probably will only stay 1 month. We have been apart before when I moved to Japan at 1st for 3 months then at the end for 2 months and it was fine. We will just skype everyday and now my laptop has a webcam so we can see each other too this time.

  5. wow live in seamstressssss! life cant get any better ey? haha totally good choice to try country for a change.

    And me love yourboyhood!

  6. Oh, I feel both your excitement AND your frustration. I considered doing a semester overseas when I started my degree, but after a look at the paper work and a calculation of the costs I decided to just wait it out until graduation to move to Europe. Then regretted it because I found out the uni offers heaps of schemes/loans to help students out.
    Both your choices; city= somewhat broke but in the heart of things Or country= money but having to travel to the city, sound great..I'm not sure which I'd choose either!

    I might be doing some practical English teaching in Seoul next year though! woooo, even more excited after seeing those Street Style pics. :D

  7. I'm so happy for you...I will miss you heaps

    love Mum

  8. Congratulations! It sounds like an awesome opportunity. The reasoning behind your decision is good too, plus its always good to broaden your horizons and try something new. Plus live in seamstress!!!!

    Seems like there are a lot of cool leather jackets in Seoul too.

  9. oh woot! so you're going to korea? aww . i'm so jealous.
    my must travel list goes something like this:

    you could probably tick half of those off.
    i didnt no daul kim had a blog.. thats cool. i'm gonna go visit right about

  10. raggamuffin: I know the live in seamstress is amazing/ridiculous. Maybe I'll bring over heaps of sewing projects I'm too lazy to finishh.
    Te: Maybe we will be in Seoul at the same time?
    Mum: Thanks, love you too.
    L: Thanks, I'm super excited. Maybe I can by a cool leather jacket when I'm there.
    A dreamer: When you finish highschool you should go on a gap year and travel the world then come home and go to Uni. Then you can tick off all of those places and more. Travel is the best form of education if you ask think of all the shopping you can do


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