Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th: Nightmare on Blogstreet

Actually today was no nightmare, it was a lovely day for meeting fellow Aussie bloggers Imelda Matt, Super Kawaii Mama and Lady Melbourne. Imelda was down from Sydney for the weekend and organised everything.

Me, Mama and Imelda at our afternoon drinks in Windsor. Mama had to leave early to attend to her children but me and Imelda were able to go and meet Lady Melbourne at the amazing Golden Monkey in Hardware lane. I love Mama's amazing hair and style, it reminds me so much of my sister (who by the way has just started hew own blog teapots and typewriters, but it only has 1 post so far)

The Golden Monkey Asian Tapas bar in Hardware Lane, Melbourne.

Unfortunately the photos taken of all of us together this time were too blurry to post, but here is a photo of Lady Melbourne I took for my Melbourne street fashion website. I saw her on the street and went up to her and said "Umm, are you Lady Melbourne?" which really surprised her as I was the 1st person to recognise her from her blog. Anyway her style is so glam and chic don't you think?

Oh and of course Imelda Matt had the most amazing shoes on, being a shoe blogger and all. I really want them for myself, and apparently we are the same size so if I'm ever in Sydney I may just raid his shoe closet and take them whilst he isn't looking.

It was a fun day and we came up with a lot of good ideas for posts and creating a more unified approach to blogging in Australia. I look forward to seeing the things we talked about come true, and many more blog meetings with even more Aussie bloggers attending. The future is blog-a-rific!


  1. Red shoes and striped socks -- love it.

  2. I had a blast too. It is so great to meet other bloggers and get off my own 'island'. I agree that the future is bright.

  3. Wendyb: Yeah they were cool shoes, on a equally cool guy.
    Kawaii Mama: It was so great to meet you too, I learnt a lot, see I've already made the comments pop up as a separate window. Thanks for the tip.

  4. It seems I'm the last one not to have this on my blog....yet! I treasure my sleep, what can I say.
    I may just link to the 3 of you as you've all put it so eloquently, it was a great night had by all and I'm wondering if my photos are a little blurry too because of all the wine...hhmmmm......

  5. imeldas shoes are so kick ass. is it just me or are you seeing a little bit of agyness deyn in the stripy socks, red jazz shoes , rolled up jeans combo?

    You and imelda have the same glasses! hehehe

  6. H, it was such a pleasure to spend the day in your company, I had a BLAST! Our little detour was most unexpected and left me dreaming of that cool fur hoodie!

    I hope I didn't look like Agyness Deyn...I can't stand her :) The future is blog-a-rific. xxxx

    ps - was your ma relieved you weren't sold into white slavery???

  7. oh yeah...if my shoes going missing, then so might you :) xxx


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