Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sex and the city, a New York story

I went to see the Sex and the City movie today. My review will come at the end of this post with lots of warnings, so if you don't want to know anything don't read the end.

What I wore:
  • Black dress: $10 Cocolatte, Melbourne Central.
  • Floral vest: $7, op shop (thrifted) on Chapel Street Windsor.
  • Leggings: as per usual.
  • Brogues: $65 Aboh shoes closing down sale, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.
  • Necklace: $32 Kinki Gerlinki, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.
  • Studded Headband: $1.50, a shop at DFO, Spencer Street.

The embroidery is so nice and pretty and so 90's. The vest is velvet as well. Love at 1st sight!

The headband is so cool. I love gold studs. I can't believe it was only $1.50!

My New York trip 2006:
We went on the Sex and the City tour and got to stand on Carrie's stoop. Please excuse the bad, bad, bad outfit. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking, I think the cold got to me so I just put on everything I had.

On the tour we got to go to the sex shop where the girls bought their "rabbit" vibrators. No I didn't buy one. My silly fur hat matched my hair so I look super strange.

Just to show you not all my outfits were completely stupid, here I am in Brooklyn posing with some graffiti.

We went to Patricia Field's shop Venus Envy. Hmmmmm not much to say except it was incredibly tacky and disappointing.

The subway was really fun to ride because of all the buskers. Its a shame that the girls in Sex and the City only catch taxis, half the fun of New York is the subway.

Shopping heaven.

***small spoiler ahead***

On the same trip we got to go to Tahiti for free for 2 nights at a 5 star resort for FREE! That's because our NYC tickets were with Air Tahiti and they had an amazing promotion at the time. It was my 1st, and only (so far) resort holiday. Now, if you have seen the movie you will know that Carrie and the girls go to Mexico for a holiday at a resort. Well....

can't you totally see me there with them??? Lol. I planned my 2 day Tahiti wardrobe more than I planned my 2 week New York one. I was that excited about it. As they speak French in Tahiti I wanted to kinda dress "Frenchy" so I bought some espadrille wedges (kinda in shot) and then lots of stripy t-shirts.


Ok so my review:

(These aren't my fave looks from the movie, but they are still fun. I loved the studded belt Carrie wore and the tie dyed long purple-y dress she wore too...when I find those I'll post them.)

Ok well I loved it....and hated it. I love the movie for the fashion, the friendships between the girls and the humour. However some things made me really uncomfortable. The constant product placement (starbucks, vitamin water, dell computers *everyone except Carrie who still has a Mac* and of course all the designer labels *at 1 point she even lists the designers 1 by 1 for about 5 minutes.) Another thing that made me uncomfortable was how Carrie could just go back to Big after all he did to her. I don't know what the point of the movie was, what did she learn after their painful breakup (the bulk of the film) if she just goes back to him? The main thing that made me uncomfortable is Jennifer Hudson's character...she is basically a slave who at the end of the film is emancipated with a parting gift of a Louis Vuitton handbag. It was such a movie cliché too, "The Magical negro" who is there only to help the "white protagonist get out of trouble". I'm not sure if it was racist exactly, but it was a lazy cliché and it made me kinda cringe. Did anyone else feel like that?

Anyway I am glad I saw it, mostly for the fashion (I have so many new ideas now). I did cry at the end a little, mostly because I liked the way they showed new young girls in close friendships, like life keeps carrying on...I don't know why I cried really...maybe I'm weird. Henry certainly didn't cry, he kinda just sat through it barely tolerating it. I could hear him groaning in his seat. However this isn't unusual with Henry, he hates all movies and hates the cinema. The only time he has enjoyed a movie at the cinema was King Kong when we saw it in Times Square New York, but that was because the atmosphere was amazing and at the end of movies over there people clap like mad (we know they do it at the end of every movie because we saw Memoirs of a Geisha there too and everyone clapped then too...and that movie is nothing to clap about really)

Oh and somehow my site counter has reset itself and has gone from over 20,000 hits to just 130. Does anyone know how to get it back? Or is there another way to see your hits? I'm so bad with this sort of thing.

I found this here which is a page from the new Sex and the City movie book. The book shows every single outfit Carrie wore, plus the other girls. My faves on this page are:
  • the pink dress plus studded belt and bondage shoes look 2nd row, 2nd from the left.
  • the black dress/jacket with the studded belt look which is on the 2nd row at the very right.
  • the bottom left look is amazing on the full screen I really loved the jewelled neckline.
  • the bottom 3rd from the right is the amazing tie dyed dress (personally I would prefer it shorter, I don't really like full length dresses).

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  1. Firstly Love the outfit.

    Lol I had those moments in the movie too, but I was there just to be entertained and I was. If I was going to the movies and it was meant to be an art house/ spinach type movie where normally sit there aware of every detail. But it's a commercial movie with a commercial theme, I expected nothing from it and so I turn off my brain and got lost in the fashion, fairytale, scenes of New York and those random hot body shots, yummmm.

    I cried when “Big”, did what he did, my sister was crying at the end too.

    Oh and on the Jennifer Hudson character, I think they put her in there because African-American women who love sex and the city aren’t exactly represented in the movie or the TV show, so they thought they better throw in the token black girl to “prove” they aren’t excluding other peoples. It sucks that they are still doing that in todays world. What I did like about that little story line was she didn’t go around yelling about being black or having a hard life, she was a young smart, beautiful non size zero girl who got a really cool job.
    Although I did hated the fact the stupid woman moved back home, why couldn’t she continue living in NY working for Carrie. Truth be told, I didn’t really notice that she was the token black girl, until I thought about how weird her story line was just this morning.

    Lol sorry for the long comment.

    Oh and did you like Carrie blond or Brunette? I totally think when she was Brunette she looks so much prettier, but that’s just me.


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