Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Look

Hey, I hope you like my new look. I'm going to work on my links list too and fix up all my tags (I always forget to tag but I heard it can bring in more readers so I'm going to try and fix it up.) Any comments/thoughts/problems with the new look will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!!!


  1. OOooo I like.

    One suggestion; you should have a link to your street fashion site. Unless you don't want people to see it.

    Also if you want I have a html of a search box that you can put on you sidebar and lets people search your blog for certain words or topics.
    Very helpful.

    Anyway good luck with the new look.

  2. love the white and the banner! It looks really clean and fresh.

    However, i think the font makes it a tad hard to read. It does fit the "theme" but i don't know, may be you could try to increase it or put in in bold?

    apart from that, its really cool! :) and also, i love your street blog as well!


  3. Hey V: I was thinking about increasing the font so you convinced me.

    Now I'm unsure about tagging. Should I bother??? it kinda looks messy. Maybe I should have kinda themed posts like: street fashion, cheap shopping, recent buys, introducing a designer ect instead of the mess I have now. However another thing is I can't really be bothered fixing it.


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