Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday pressies

I am a bad blogger. I hardly ever leave comments on other peoples blogs, I don't tag my own blog properly, I never update my blog links list even though I read 100x that amount of blogs daily and my posts are never regular. I'm sorry. I really enjoy blogging though, I just wish I was better at it. The reason why I haven't blogged in a few days is because my internet connection was shaped yet again. Does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just me who lives with 2 boys who download heaps of music, movies and porn? I only watch the occasional episode of Gossip Girl which is now over so its really not fair that this happens every month as I pay the same amount. I think its because our housemate is from Japan where there is no such thing as download limits that its hard for him to understand that he can't just download heaps and heaps like he could back home. Oh well as of tomorrow it will be back to normal speed (I'm blogging at shaped speed which is super super slow and annoying, see I am dedicated to this blog!)

Anyway as you all know it was my 24th birthday the other day (geez I'm old :S) and I got some good pressies so far (I still haven't seen my sister yet and she has promised me a red gingham something, I can't wait to see it....and her lol)

My mum gave me:

A warm red faux mink queen size and really ugly blanket. LOL, don't worry she knows it's ugly and that's why I LOVE it. I love bold red things for the house, anything tacky and kitsch and a little retro and I'm in love. I was looking for a blanket for ages but couldn't find any I loved and my mum knew this. YAY. I looked at heaps of blankets but all of them were plain, but if you look at me house and my clothes you will see I don't do plain. Thanks so much mum. The best part is it is really really soft and warm, we don't need to have the heater on and can save money and the planet. Double YAY.

Keeping with a winter theme my mum got me some new warm pj's. These are so comfy and so cute and bright I love them. Thanks again mum. (She reads my blog people, lol)

Mum also gave me $100 to buy a handbag and whatever else I wanted with the left over money....which turned into bills and train tickets, damn being an adult and having responsibilities. Henry's mum gave me some money too which was spent on flea treatment for Hachiko (after my birthday party he was infested with fleas like never before, so much so he vomited and was totally not himself...must have been my friends cat or something)

Henry gave me:

It came in this "Tiffany blue" box...but its not from Tiffany's, damn.

This GIANT ring pendant from Alpha60. It's not a ring for your finger its a ring you wear on a chain around your neck, and its HUGE. I really should have put a real ring next to it for scale comparison. Just use your imagination. Now I need to find a chain to put it on (why doesn't it come with a chain???)

Henry also took me out for the day to St Kilda.

We went to Luna Park.

I got to go on the Pirate ship. Henry was too scared to go on so he took some photos of me on the ride having fun.

We didn't end up going down to the beach, we were so sleepy from my party the night before that we fell asleep on the tram ride home.

Ok so that wasn't a very fashion-y post. Once the net is back up I'll be posting some new op shop buys from my first ever trip to Chapel Street Windsor (I know where have I been living?...oh that's right, the other side of the *Melbourne people will get this, sorry to those who don't)


  1. haha your mum is so sweet. all those pressies and she reads your blog too! :D
    i guess it'd be easy for you to drop any hints if you need money etc. hehheh

    ooh the pendant is very pretty and it already looks pretty huge in the pic.

    i'm feeling sorry for you. you're all gossip girl deprived and all.
    i guess i shouldn't rub it in that i've been watching it religiously.

  2. I really do love that ugly blanket, it's so ugly and yet it's also really cool.

  3. No I didn't reset my counter. What the heck happened? It was up 20,000 ahhhhhhhhh so annoying.


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