Monday, June 9, 2008


This is my friend Hachi in Tokyo. He is a fashion designer extraordinaire. He lives with my old housemate in Tokyo, Gallermic, who happens to be a fashion photographer.

Gallermic and Hachi collaborated on this great fashion shoot below, using our French male model friend Pierre to model Hachi's designs.

Hachi also does women's wear, some of which has appeared in Japanese fashion magazines.

Image from Volume Japan magazine. What an amazing dress.

This dress reminds me of the now famous Balenciaga floral dress with the stitching of pieces of stiff floral fabric together. However Hachi's design came about 1 year earlier.

To contact Hachi or to see where you can maybe buy his clothes (I don't know if he is at that stage yet, I know he has finished studying now though) check out his Myspace


  1. rooftop photoshoots. ya see? thats one of the prim reasons I want to live in an apartment when i get older. hahah
    that and being close to the city.

  2. His work is freakin' amazing..and sooo innovative. Definitely Tokyo style too, that's for sure...but relevant to so many.


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