Monday, June 9, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion EXTRA'S

These are the pics that didn't make the website, yet. I'm still working on getting my own domain and hosting, I think I'll wait until I get my results back from uni because it has to stay up on that host for them to mark it...also I need to have some money to pay for the domain and hosting, so maybe in 2 or 3 weeks (because of loads of uni homework I didn't get to work for 2 weeks and am now super poor, all my birthday money was spent on bills and flea treatment for Hachiko, lol!)


  1. Cool, I love.

    Why not at least try the free hosting at freewebs, and then you can save up for the domain and hosting.

    it's pretty easy to use but if you need help I'll be happy too try and help you. Freewebs is also good because there are no pop ups and only has a little banner at the bottem of the site to say it's hosted free by freewebs.

  2. Amazing photos. Is that Alana from the Grates that I spy?

  3. Hey L,
    I had no idea but yeah it is Alana from The Grates, I just checked her name on the survey she filled out. She was with my friend Heather and they said hey were sourcing clothes for a music video and they had no time to take a photo but they did it anyway, so nice of them. Well oops, I'm so stoopid, but really I never recognise band people.

  4. Ohhhh I also took a photo of Patience from The Grates and that's on my website on the Socks page, but I wrote her name as Patieinu because either her handwriting was bad or she wrote a false name. Lolz.

  5. You could also try getting a domain name through blogger ($10 a year) and then you won't have a blogspot address, just a URL - even though its a blog, you can make it look less like a blog and more like a website (hosted with google, thats free). There are heaps of options. If do you get hosting, get it overseas... its so much cheaper (you prob already know)!

  6. LOL...I've just read the comments.

    I LOVE the new look of your blog and I'm sorry I haven't commented earlier but I've slammed with work! I'm in town this week and if you're free on Friday I'm meeting up with SKM and I'd love to meet. Drop me an email and I shoot you my mobile. Is your Japanese friend based in Melbourne? I have an international magazine looking to profile 'happenings' in Melbourne and because i haven't been 'on the ground' I thought you might know. xxx

  7. Damn you living with all these famous people in Melbourne. I only realised it was her because I recognised the haircut. I had to google her name too so its not as though I'm all knowledgable or anything.

    I'll go check out the pic of Patience too. Lolz about her fake name too.

  8. I want to marry the lad in the Smiths tee.
    he is amazing!!


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