Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Peggy Noland: World Fringe

Extended until July 7th!!!

If you are in LA be sure to check out New High (M)art's new "thematic store moment" where my friend Peggy Noland's new AMAZING designs are available.

I love native American style right now, and have been thinking about making HUGE dream catcher necklaces recently (I found this AMAZING HUGE white dream catcher at Savers but it was $25, wtf??? so I didn't buy it and I have been regretting it ever since). I wish I was in LA because I would so buy something, its all so cool. There are other designers in the store, check it all out at New High (M)art

I met Peggy when she was on a Vice Magazine trip in Tokyo with her friend Jamie who writes for Vice. Here is a photo of us together.
Left to right: Ebony (a girl who lived in Tokyo and I met a few times), Saki (a Spank girl), Jamie (with the huge blond hair), Peggy (in the glitter body suit, more on that later) and me!!!

Peggy Noland in Tokyo at the Pank Ponk party in her AMAZING glitter bodysuit she made, and that was the HOTTEST night ever, she almost died from heat exhaustion, but it was fashion honey!

Wow Lovefoxx from CSS wore the same glitter body suit Peggy designed on the cover of Dazed and Confused magazine, no less!

She didn't just wear it on a magazine cover, but also on stage...

and while off stage too, stage diving.

I also met the chicks from CSS in Tokyo at their after party at Nude Trump room in Shibuya. Unfortunately I was really drunk and didn't take photos or really know who they were but apparently while I was pole dancing they joined me and said they liked my skirt. YAY...if only I remembered or had a photo.


  1. Too much cool in one post...I'd like to pour myself into that bodysuit and go stage diving!

  2. most phenomenal post ever! LOOOOVEEE!!!

    these clothes are so so cool! time to go to LA!

  3. that's some crazykickass bodysuit!

  4. omg omfg I LOVE HER!!!!! YOU MET HER????? DOES SHE HAVE A STORE IN TOKYO??? cool blog! cool post!

  5. Hey Anon, No she doesn't have a store in Tokyo, she was just there for a VICE mag tour.


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