Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crazy Hair

These photos from Mahalo Fashion remind me of the crazy hair my friend Yohei in Tokyo would wear.

And also this chick whose name I forget.

I'm thinking about making something like the love heart Yohei has to wear with my hair, I think it would look amazing, but I defiantly will need to feel brave to wear it out in Melbourne.


  1. gosh i love that! crazy crazy!

    btw the girl's name is fuyuri I think she works at the new vintage shop sister (if U have't heard of it!)

    sorry for less comenting lately! I still read! I just been really busy.


  2. Gotta love that crazy Hair.

    You should make that Hair heart and wear it around town, sure you'll get stares but no one wears something like that without wanting people to see them.

    Start living with crazy hair, stop using Melbourne as an excuse lol.

  3. Hey Coco,
    Yeah I heard about Sister opening. Tokyo seems to have changed since I was there and gone less rave style...and Gallermic hasn't taken party photos for ages except for Narzi B, its strange. If I ask Gallermic though I will just get some confused English/Spanish/Japanese answer that will make no sense and just confuse me more. I need to return ASAP to check out the new scene.

  4. yea it totally seems to have changed somehow!
    narziß partys seem to be great though! i wanna go and be there haha!

    lol Gallermic seems to be some funny dude!

    btw yea been even too busy to update! but I made one and there's more to come and I think it might interest u... all fashion related!


  5. I still can't get over that crazy hair myself.


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