Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nagi Noda

In my search for who created the amazing animal head wigs from this post

I discovered they were created by the amazing Japanese pop artist/music video director/crazy cool lady Nagi Noda.

I first saw her work in Japan. She has created some of the crazy LaForet department store ads that I loved (LaForet is an AMAZING store, its kinda like Myer's Basement, only over 9 levels and much much much better)

She also directed my favourite Japanese singer, Yuki's music video. Yuki is like Japan's Bjork.

This is the video Nagi Noda directed. Yuki, "Sentimental Journey".

This is my FAVOURITE Yuki song, Yuki, "Joy". This is not directed by Nagi Noda, but its such a cool film clip anyway!

Nagi has her own fashion label too, called "Broken Label".

Nagi Noda recently directed my FAVE Aussie band Cut Copy's new film clip "Hearts on Fire"

Be sure to check out Nagi Noda's website to see more of her work. The Laforet commercials are so cool, and she has done so many more projects, some you will recognise (like the coca cola ad with Jack Black) and some you won't, but all you will love, I promise!


  1. Yuki's Joy is one of my top favorite music videos, too! It is amazing in its aesthetics, and I love the dancers! I also love the song, I think the clip contributed a lot to it, though.

  2. The_Kitten: Yeah without the clip the song isn't nearly as good, but I always feel like that about music videos. I think I'm just a really visual person.
    Lady Grey: Yeah totally amazing, if only I had half her talent.

  3. oh my gosh, i'm going to go download one of yuki's songs right now.


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