Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sale time in Melbourne = Bargains galore!

I left the house to buy some milk and noticed that nearly every shop was having a sale. One of the problems of living in the city is when you leave the house just to get some milk you can easily get distracted by all the shops. That's what happened to me today. At least I got some great bargains!!! Here is what I bought:

I Love Billy Oxfords. I have liked them for ages but for $90 they were way out of my poor student budget. However today they were on sale for only $60, which is still a lot for me right now (geez I miss when I used to work full time and would think nothing of blowing $150 on a purse or $200 on shoes) but I couldn't resist these beauties, even with the knowledge that once I got home I would be "in trouble" with Henry. How many times a day does a shop assistant hear someone say "when I get home I'll be in trouble"? I'm guessing A LOT by the forced laughter of the shop girl at Sidewalk Soul where I bought these. I can't wait to wear them out.

Sugar Babe "Crystal-ize" GOLD eye glitter with strange liquid eye glue and applicator. This was only $4.95 at my local Chemist/Newsagency. As you know I love gold right now so I just had to have this. I love glitter and I have some silver glitter and the last time I wore it I thought, hmmm I need to get some gold. Yay I found it. I don't know if I will use the glue and brush to put it on, but it could be fun to give it a try. It says you can use it to make glitter eye-liner. I will test it out and maybe post the results on here.

Priceline homebrand body wash in Strawberry and Lily. Only $1.99. I got it because it smelt so pretty and it was so cheap.

All this and I forgot the milk!


  1. Ahh, love the shoes hun.

    It suck when there are so many cool sales on right now and I'm so f'ing poor. I never have money to spend when the sales come around.

  2. I love those I Love Billy oxfords too. Hopefully, when I get somewhere that actually has good shoes, I'll be able to pick up something like them.

    I know what you mean about $60 being a lot of money, always shopping in op shops has made me such a tightarse. It's like why should I have a meal for $25 when I could buy at least 4 dresses and a pair of shoes for that. I have problems.

  3. i love those oxfords. doesnt lady melbourne have them too?

  4. Hey A_Dreamer: Yeah I saw that Lady Melbourne does have them too. They crazy hurt me feet when I first wore them, but hopefully the blisters will fade and I can finally wear them out.


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