Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm ba-a-ck

My internet is still slow but I'm going to persevere and try to blog. I won't be able to comment on other blogs much until the 5th of July but I will try and blog daily even with this slow connection.

In other news Melbourne Street Fashion won't be updated today. I'm waiting to hear some possibly exciting news and am holding onto the shots until then. I hope it all works out, if it does one of my blogging dreams will have come true.

In fact the other day one of my blogging dreams did come true, thanks to Imelda Matt. I got my 1st ever freebie. Yay. You may remember Matt's post about the new Dunlop's that are yet to be released at BigW. Well the nice people at Dunlop sent Matt a pair of sparkly pink dunlop volley's from the new collection (he requested pink) in a women's size 10. They were unfortunately a little too small for him, but he remembered from our meeting that I am a size 10 and often swap shoes with my husband. Matt also thought I would like the style so Matt sent me the shoes as a pressie. Yay. Thank you Matt xoxo

As soon as I saw them I thought of the Spank girls. So I decided to wear a Spank style outfit for the photos, no way could I wear this around Melbourne....anymore (I used to dress like this, hence I have the pieces to make the outfit)

My Spank outfit:
  • Pink shirt dress, Savers (omg so needs to be ironed) $4.
  • Leggings, Kinji Harajuku $6
  • Pink legwarmers, I don't remember.
  • Pink Dunlop Volley's from Matt. YAY!
  • Hair bow, Gift from Spank Girls.
  • Red belt, Portmans, $4.
  • Giant chain necklace, I made it.
  • Love heart necklace, wedding present from Maya (a Spank girl)
  • Red and pink scarf, Alba Fan Club (Ksubi's diffusion line) $1.

You can see the Heart says Hayley and Henry...and "Happy Wedding" which is what is fashionable to say when someone gets married in Japan, there are "Happy Wedding" cards, not "congratulations on your wedding" cards, lol. I wore this on my wedding day. Maya the lovely made it for me. I miss you Maya, and all the Spank girls. xoxo.

I won't always wear the shoes like this. It was just for fun. They are so comfy and bright I'm going to wear them to Uni with my comfy black dress just for a bit of a pick me up hint of pink. Thanks again Matt xoxo.

In other shoe news I got the boots I've been dreaming about that were on lay-by at Novo.

I love, love, love them.

This is how I wore them the other day. I look so neo goth 90's.
Outfit details:
  • Dress, Femme Connection, $20?
  • New studded belt, Target men's section $17
  • Leggings as before.
  • New boots from Novo $80
  • Leather fringed scarf? from Savers for $4

I found this crazy leather studded and fringed scarf? belt? thing at Savers in Footscray for only $4. It's my take on the Palestinian scarf.

I am so happy with this studded belt. Only $17 from the men's section at Target. It's so Carrie.

I also went to Supre to try on that floral skirt I previously blogged about.

I thought it looked pretty good, but at $55 it's a bit too much for throw away Supre fashion.

Luckily I found a very similar skirt at Savers Footscray for only $4. What a bargain. It's a little too long (In the photo I'm just holding up the bottom) so I'm going to hem it soon....

Outfit details:
  • Heart t-shirt, Comme des Garcon from Aoyoma Tokyo $56.
  • Floral skirt, Savers $4.
  • Leggings as before.
  • Black and white oxfords, I love Billy, $60
  • Leather jacket, Henry's.
  • Sunglasses, Grooove Melbourne Central $10.

Another day another outfit.

The velvet dress is new too, from an Op Shop in St Albans for $3. I need to hem it as it was floor length but I just cut it to wear it immediately, if it doesn't fray I may just leave it though. I'm so lazy.
Outfit details:
  • Velvet dress, Op shop $3.
  • Belt, thrifted from Camberwell market for $10.
  • Leggings as before.
  • Shoes as before.
  • Wooden necklace, Kinki Gerlinki $28.
  • Hat, Henry's.
That's it for now.


  1. Wow I love your mesh scarf! And the pink outfit kicks butts. You're awesome looking. :-)

  2. That studded belt from Target is so cool... I know where I'll be when my lunch break rolls 'round tomorrow... that is if I get one (bit busy at work atm)!

    I really like the black outfit. The accessories really give it a lift.

  3. where is this op shop in st albans you speak of?! the pink dunlops are so cute, yay imelda. and i loooove your floral skirt!

  4. i love the pink dunlops!! and the happy wedding necklace is too cute! xx

  5. haha wow, those dunlops are so bright. the fabric looks so sheeny and strokable .lol

    i love all your outfits ..especially the floral print skirt one.

    the last picture of you in the black dress, hat and glasses reminds me of this:

  6. damn my man sized feet!!!! I couldn't be happier that they fit and you love 'em...xxxxx

  7. Hi Hayley!
    I think perhaps we should do a Savers trip together, it seems as though we look out for very different things, but you have a very keen eye for spot on trend items and I'm always looking for a partner in crime.

    I love all your outfits, specially the belt-I've been hunting one just like it!- and the Comme de Garcons t-shirt.
    I wouldn't pay $55 either for a Supre skirt, I think you've found perfection in your $4 one and at least no one will have the same thing.

  8. Oh yay Hayley! I love the Spank look and what a score on the shoes. I think the skirt you found as an alternative to the Supre number is even better, so you really won there.
    I have also tagged you today on my blog, but this time you have a choice of which one you might like to do. Have fun. :)

  9. Ohmigoodness, the floral skirt is breathtaking. Great find.

  10. How horrible are the change rooms at supre? They are so dark that I can barely see the clothes that I'm trying on.

    I think they keep the lights dimmed so that you can't make out the poor quality of 90% of the clothes they sell. It frustrates me so much that I always leave the things I've tried on because I can't tell what they look like on me.

  11. Lady Smaggle: Thanks, I love the scarf too.
    The Collector: Did you get the belt at Target? Or did you have no time?
    Thao: The op shop in St Albans is ummmm on the main road on the same side of the train tracks as VU...go to this blog and they have maps to all the op shops in Melbourne. It's a big help.
    Amelia: I love them too. :>
    The Dreamer: ok I look Jewish? I can see it.
    Imelda Matt: I say yay to your man sized feet. Thanks again.
    Lady Melbourne: I'd love to do a Savers trip with you. I'm always at the Footscray one cos its near Uni so it would be nice to go to a different Savers, maybe Brunswick? or the mecca of all Savers Frankston, its 2 levels!
    Super Kawaii Mama: Thanks for the tag.
    l: yeah I love the skirt.
    anon: Yeahhh I forgot to mention that it my blog. I hate the Bourke Street Supre, I'm not sure if other Supre's are like that but jesus I can't see anything at that store. I think your right when you say they do it so you can't see how badly made the clothes actually are.

  12. sorry to ask this here, but just wondering if it's ok with you if I post one of your pictures on my blog? I'm doing this outfit illustrations and I did one with the leather fringed scarf and I would love to put the inspiration pic next to it!

  13. V: Yeah that's ok :> I can't wait to see your illustration.

  14. I've just discovered your blog and I love it - and all these outfits are fabulous. Made me miss Savers more than ever, for me it was the best thing about living in melbourne.

  15. The Black studded belt outfit is so inspiring!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers for inspiration!

  16. i love your velvet dress! i've been looking for one for so so long! but no luck for me :(
    your blog is so inspiring to fellow curvy girls :) i've spent a good few hours browsing the archives, i love finding a new blog to look through! thank you for giving me so may ideas on how to dress in a more flattering way :D xxxx


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