Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick update

Ok well now I am no longer sick but my internet at home has been shaped for the next 10 days. So right now I am blogging from my Uni Library, where the internet connection is only slightly faster. I won't be able to comment on your blogs, or really read them for 10 days, I'll try and blog and update Melbourne Street Fashion because uploads aren't effected by being shaped but the page takes 10 years to upload. I had so many planned posts and lots of photos of outfits etc for this blog so if I can get it to load at home I will blog tonight.

It is so unfair though. I never download movies or music or computer games. I only read blogs (oh soooo many blogs) check myspace and read my email. My housemate on the other hand downloads movies and music all the time, even when we tell him it means we will get shaped. He can download some, but not a movie every night. He always says "well in Japan this won't happen"....well it's NOT JAPAN! Internet connections in Australia are slow and expensive and there is a max download limit. It's not all his fault though, Henry also downloaded a computer program he needed for Uni, but he times his d/l for the off peak time when which doesn't count as usage....but they went for longer than that time, but not by much. So 1 computer program compared to heaps of music and movies....ok so maybe it is mostly our housemates fault.

Oh and I just had my Japanese conversation test. The teacher said my pronunciation and intonation were very good, just like a Japanese person. Yay I did well. The next test is Hiragana and this is where it gets tricky. Already the teachers aren't writing in English (romanji) characters anymore, its all Japanese writing and well, I don't think I'm ready for that yet....and no one else seems to be. I need to go home and study Hiragana tonight. I need to remember everything before the next class so I'm not sitting there looking at the whiteboard with a blank stare.

Soon I will be able to read this sign. I could never work out what this place was....Lolz


  1. kissesxxx I hope you enjoy the shoesxxx fucking flatmate...if you want an isp that doesn't shape let me know. I can download 30 GB at anytime of the day and it's never checked.

  2. I feel your pain about flatmates over downloading and I only had one person living with me. I ended up getting a higher useage, it cost heaps but worth it in the end for me.

    Good work on your Japanese test.

    Also hope you are feeling better.

  3. bah, i totally forgot to ask you.
    do you want to contribute to my zine? if you have some spare time...


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