Friday, June 13, 2008

I want to wear this

I am so into black right now. Is it the cold weather, or just Melbourne, I don't know?


  1. It's the cold AND melbourne :)
    oh and i would wear taa too

  2. I hope you're wearing these this's 2.30pm at Orange which is at the Windsor end of Chapel St. You can catch the Sandringham line and wonder down...sorry to drop this on your blog but delated your email by mistake :(

  3. LOVE that outfit.
    Its definatley both. mostly the cold too though.
    I keep finding myself wanting to wear all-black outfits.
    Chic as it is, it gets a bit boring after a while when one only has about 5 pieces of black clothing in ones wardrobe...

    But that dress is GORGEOUS!

  4. hehe I love black!
    I think most of my wardrobe is black.

  5. oh i've been dying for new doc marten's too!

  6. Raggamuffin: I think your right about it being both, lol.
    Imelda: It was fab meeting you, I learnt a lot and had heaps of Fun with a capital F!
    Fashionfake: I'm in the same boat, I own maybe 3 black dresses and I seem to be just alternating between them, which does get boring for me...and my blog (Have you noticed there hasn't really been many outfit posts recently, lol. they would all be the same!)
    Coco: Is black popular in Germany? Melbourne is famous for its fashionable citizens only wearing black, is that the same over there?
    V: I've wanted docs for AGES now, but I can't afford a new pair and haven't seen any at op-shops in my size. (op-shops= charity store)

  7. i'm so into tuxedo jackets, tie dye and doc martens right now. aww and I've been wanting a studded belt for ages!


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