Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Party Polaroids

I just found my old Polaroid camera with 3 Polaroid film thingy's still inside from the last time I used it way back in 2003. Here are some party photos from last night using the expired film. Very dull colours but still cool. I wore my gold lame leggings and a black velvet dress I got for $4 from an op-shop in St Albans where my Uni's other campus is. Henry couldn't get the Karaoke working because we didn't have 2 AAA batteries for the remote (I told him to work out the machine early in the day but he didn't do it till people had arrived, grrrrrr) Still it was a fun birthday with a few friends. Quite a few people couldn't make it (like my sister who was sick, get well soon Ebony) but it was still fun.
Me and Jarra, my friend from Primary school.

Jennifer and Ana, 2 new friends from Uni, plus Hachiko.

In the back row we have our housemate Takuma and his friend Shota and next to him is Darren, Henry's Uni friend. In the front is Henry and Darrens girlfriend Ming.

I was the only one dressed up crazy. We were meant to go out to see Tony DJ but he never came by to tell us where that was...(Tony I'm a little angry at you, you could have called!)

I didn't really get any presents yet. I'm seeing my mum and sister tonight so I'll get stuff then. Henry gave me something but I'll post a pic later as right now we are going out for lunch in St Kilda and maybe to Luna Park to go on the Scenic Railway (old rollercoaster with beautiful beach views) Jennifer who came to my party works at a hotel so she gave me the hotels body wash and a selection of jams, pretty funny, oh and she gave it to me in a Giorgio Armani gift bag she found in one of the guests rooms. The body wash smells really good.


  1. I could kill Henry for taking that photo when I wasn't ready. I look so f'ing ugly. Payback will come... :D

  2. hay is it true that they stopped making polaroids now?
    coz that's reallllllly sad,

  3. Hehe, I've gone crazy and photoshopped my head in the polaroid... Just for funzies.

    It's on my blog.


  4. I enjoy Henry's wolfee tee in the 3rd pic v.v.much! xxx

  5. I love the washed out and muted colour of the polariod and i wished I could busted out the karaoke with you but I'm in town next weekend :(

  6. Cool pictures! You and your friends are all looking great and so individual. Perfect style.


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