Friday, May 30, 2008

Today is my Birthday

Hey today I turn 24. Wow. I'm having a small Karaoke party tonight at my house in Melbourne (hey if you want to come and have a blog and your in Melbourne your more than welcome, email me at for address details. Party starts at 8:00pm)

Anyway today is also my last day of uni. I'm now on 2 months holidays, YAY (Wow I was so surprised we have 2 months, that's amazing!)

All my uni work is now finished, I'll have more time to blog and to take street fashion photos.

If you missed it my website is now up and running on my uni server:

MY WEBSITE: Melbourne Street Fashion

I will get my own domain name and web host soon, so look here for updates on when that will all be up and running.

I also finished another project where we had to come up with an original product/idea/art piece.

If you want to know more about my necklace read my university project blog:
Fashion Hayley's Creativity & Innovation blog
Yeah that's right I had to make a blog at uni. That is our assesment. Crazy right? My hobby as a project.

Anyway that's all for today. Be sure to check out my website as if I get the most hits I win a Mars Bar. Also leave any comments/feedback about it here. I want to know what you think.

***Oh and today is not only my Birthday but this is also my blogs 100th post Birthday. Happy 100 posts dear blog of mine, I hope there are many more posts to come. :>


  1. Happy Birthday Hayley!! If I hadn't moved I'd totally want to crash your party tonight (I LOOOOOVE karaoke!) - have a great day!
    ps: I adore the necklace! It looks stunning in those B&W shots of you in the city!

  2. Happy Birthday Hayley. I haven't left comments before but came across your site via Julie in Japan and have been reading your blogs ever since. (I studied Japanese 7 years ago, and like you I love Tokyo!)

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Hayley!
    Sing a Debbie Harry number for me tonight. 'Heart of Glass' is one of my all-time karaoke favourites.
    Looking forward to a pressies-received post soon. xxx

  4. Omigosh happy birthday, happy 100th post and holiday!!

    My head would be exploding from excitement right now if I were you...

    Can't wait to see more street style pics from you too!

  5. Hello Hayley, well done on getting the site up, I'll do a little shout out for you as a 100 post present.

  6. oh my god i looove the necklace! the colour is fanatical! happy birthday too.:D

  7. Happy Birthday again, Hayley!
    Just been looking at your new website again and it's totally cool, Honestly. And that scarf is so cool. Maybe you should do another party and call the last one a finished semester 1 party. That way you can give people notice.

  8. happy birthday and happy 100th post and I loooove the 'original product/idea/art piece' can you make me one?...please, I'll send you the sheep!


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