Thursday, May 29, 2008

American Apparel BARGAINS

HEY guys. I just found out that the American Apparel AUS online store has got incorrect prices and everything in turn is half price. It seems that they are listed as if its USA $$$ instead of AUS $$$ but you are paying in AUS $$$. So the lame leggings that are normally $70-$80 AUS are $44 right now. Its the AUS online store only, so if your interested go there ASAP before they fix the error!

American Apparel AUS

I totally would be buying up big tomorrow when I get paid if the error still hasn't been fixed.

UPDATE: Bargains are over as of this morning :< I missed out on those leggings, damn. For half price I was willing to give American Apparel Lame leggings 1 more chance. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be! Maybe they won't even honour the sales that were made during the error, so maybe it's all for the best. If that happened I would be really annoyed.


  1. Oh my god.


    I had a mini heart attack then..
    and then I scrolled down...


    no joke, my heart is racing..
    Yes I get THAT excited about high waisted shiny leggings..

  2. i caught this post while the prices were still wrong!

    unfort i couldn't decide fast enough, and when i was finally ready to check out the error had been fixed. this was around 2.30am!

    thanks for the heads up though :(


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