Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion---from 2003!!!

These were taken at the VCA when I was a student in 2003 for a project I did called "Top 10 best dressed at the VCA". They were taken with a big old SLR camera from the USSR (pre digital camera times) and before the street style blogs that are everywhere now. I actually started taking street photos in 2001 and I found those photo's yesterday so maybe I will post them tomorrow (if I scan them), but they were taken with a digital camera from my highschool which was maybe a 2mp camera that you actually inserted a FLOPPY DISK into, so it only took about 11 photos! So old school!!!! I have long since lost the floppy disk but I have the print outs so stay tuned. (This is if I finish my homework...I'm so far behind and have 10 days to finish everything...gulp)


  1. funny how ancient floppy disks seem now hay? i kind of miss floppy disks. even though they were CRAP they're much harder to lose than usbs.
    taking street pics before streetstyle blogs. you were ahead of your time. :D

  2. hehehe...floppy disk...I remember the camera! It was all about the panel skirts :( I hate paneled skirts!


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